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2 0 1 7 • WRAPS • 53 there as well. The position of the focal point is subject to change if the design is for a full wrap, partial wrap or a splash. And remember to leave enough negative space around each of the graphic element so that they do not crowd each other or get too close to the edges of the vehicle. Print Wrap Style Style refers to the overall visual characteristics that make a business distinct and recognizable. Every business is unique and should look different, but most fit within larger categories that are typical for their industry. For example, until recently most insurance providers projected an image of conservative profes- sionalism. A certain chatty, lizard changed all that. Strategic creativity provokes designers to consider the status quo and then offer visual solutions that challenges viewers to experi- ence something unexpected. The intent is to differentiate the brand and change people's perceptions. The goal is to become unforgettable. Begin the print wrap design process by thinking about the word that is usually associated with their respective industry, then challenge it! Simple—Uncluttered layouts are a great solution for a pre- dictably high tech business that installs computerized home automation and theaters. Clean—Industrial construction is dirty business. The only time this dozer was ever this clean was the day it was purchased. But having this spotless image on the trailer at a typical job site speaks volumes about their professionalism. Technical—A detailed technical design for a financial insti- tution might not be your first thought when designing a wrap for their tailgate party trailer, but it delivers a serious message of security. And a powerful conversation starter with burgers and beer! Fun—Fun and plumbing? No one said we have to take this life so seriously. These are the people to call when there is something strange in your drain! Wild 'n' crazy—This client is very intense and all business, so to have a cartoon of Mr. Kutter on his trucks is not the most predict- able solution, but his AVATAR cap- tures the intensity that has made his brand unforgettable—and very successful. Each of his 40+ wraps are different, but they all share his logo, his signature dirt texture and the continuing adventures of his crazy-fun mascot. Metaphorical—Visual metaphors that fool the eye are inter- esting and make you think twice, but are maybe not what you normally associate with law enforcement. It looks like we drove the sheriff's car into the trailer and then ripped the side of the trailer off. This gives viewers a look inside the trailer and a glimpse into the lives of the men and women of the sheriff department. Decals, posters, targets and other personal effects begin to tell their story. There are as many different styles as there are businesses. This is just a few examples of how we approach the creative process using themes that challenge viewer's perceptions and hopefully entertain them on the way to becoming memorable.

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