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2 0 1 7 • WRAPS • 57 Why Train? I've been working in the sign industry for more than half my life now, and I've been wrapping vehicles for nearly 15 years. With that much time under my belt, you would think that I could just go do the testing and be good to go, but you would be very wrong. The wrap industry has changed and improved drastically over the last decade. New printers, inks, media and laminates have made huge changes, and improvements, to the way we install the graphics. New tools and techniques are also con- stantly emerging, each one helping to make your installs more efficient and durable. When you get busy in your own shop you don't necessar- ily have something to compare your efficiency and knowledge against. When you attend training classes, and even industry trade shows, you see other installers in action and can pick up tips and tricks along the way. You also get reassurance that techniques you're already using are being done correctly. In just three days of intensive training I picked up a ton of tips that have already made our shop more efficient. Not only have we sped up our installs, we've also improved our techniques, which mean our wraps will last longer. Beyond Vehicles Another huge reason we wanted to attend training is that the hands-on experience goes beyond vehicle wraps. In both the training and the testing we also covered five different wall installs, as well as floor graphics. By learning the proper materials, tools and install techniques we're able to expand our business by offering additional ser- vices. We also discussed the 3 M wall test and questions you may ask a potential client in regard to their wall graphics. This The rear panels on this HHR were one of twelve tests we had to pass for certification. discussion and training goes beyond what you'll learn in a product bulletin alone. Facilities Once we decided to do the training and testing, I researched the 3M graphics website to look through the testing options. There are five facilities that offer the 3M Advanced Installer training and the Preferred Graphics Installer test that I wanted. We chose Wrapix Academy since it's only about five hours from our shop. They have a training calendar on their website at where I was able to choose the week I wanted to train and test. I was also able to sign up for the class and process my payment online. Fees for training and testing seem to vary by location. Before You Go On Wrapix Academy's website they also give a list of study materials that you should review before you go. These are 3M

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