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58 • WRAPS • 2 0 1 7 PRODUCTION & INSTALLATION product and instruction bulletins that cover specific product characteristics as well as installation recommendations. The bul- letins can be found on the 3M COSMO app or on their website at I'm a little thorough, or neurotic, but I like to be prepared. I printed out all of the bulletins and went through and highlighted all the important information for easy reference. I reviewed this info a little at a time over the weeks leading up to the class. This preparation, in addition to the training in class, not only helped me ace the written test but I also felt more knowledge- able during the classroom training. Training Training itself is a combination of classroom discussion, videos and hands on demonstration and practice. Adam Sumner, owner of Wrapix Academy, did all of our training. After brief intro- ductions we jumped straight into it. There was a lot to cover in just three days. The class was also a mix of those training and those train- ing and testing. Of the six stu- dents in my class two did three days of training, two did five days of training and myself and one other person did the three days of training and two days of testing. We were all busy, all learning and all encouraging one another over those five days. The HHR bumper test incorporated all the different tech- niques we covered in class and is one of the testing stations. Previous experience is recommended but whether you have three years of experience, or fifteen, your success in the class is going to come down to your ability to listen and apply what you're taught, your attention to detail and your determination. Everything we covered on the three days of training is what we were tested on over two days. Sounds simple, but many of the stations we trained on involved tools and techniques we had never touched before. Testing I knew I was doing the testing going in so I put a lot of pressure on myself during the three days of training. I was determined to go home with that certificate. I'm pretty sure I We were given a binder during class to jot notes from the videos and training. I also put together a binder of 3M bulletins to study prior to taking the class.

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