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2 0 1 7 • WRAPS • 65 Getting To Work Now that the materials are in order and the creative work has been completed, it's time to get your hands dirty. How on earth are you supposed to get all of those graphic panels aligned and placed corrected on the side of a several-story building? Well, it's a process; one that requires much skill and patience. Even the very location of the job can play a part in the overall success. WRAPS: What goes into the installation process? CM: The installation process; first and foremost, you have to have guys who are not afraid of heights. A building wrap is adhered panel by panel, literally many small-sized stickers pieced together to make one big image. HH: These graphics are basically just huge stick- ers. We provide our installers with a detailed Tiling Diagram as a map of how the graphics fit on the building. WRAPS: Do you have to deal with permits when installing these wraps? CM: You must have a strong legal, real estate, and land use team(s) in place to do wraps across the country. HH: Yes, and this can be tricky. We have to deal with various city codes and variances. In addition to permits we frequently have to get road closures so our crews can safely work. WRAPS: Is there a specific project you remember being unique or challenging that you can summa- rize? CM: Installing a really big ad on the Luxor Pyramid in Las Vegas in the middle of the summer was very memorable, mainly because the glass surface was so hot it melted the installers shoes and the material as it was being installed. HH: For Super Bowl 50 we wrapped two faces of the main Embarcadero tower in San Francisco. It was not a flat building so we had to "stretch" certain areas of the artwork in pre-press to fit the contours of the building. In total, it required over 8,000 unique pieces of vinyl to wrap two faces of the building. Tips and Challenges With wraps work, it seems there is always a wrinkle or two that arise. Dealing with challenges profession- ally will get the job done correctly and in a timely fashion. In many cases, what is learned on-the-job can serve as a good lesson for future endeavors. With building wraps, excellence can be a direct result of experience and comfort in performing these duties. (Images courtesy of Elite Media)

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