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66 • WRAPS • 2 0 1 7 PRODUCTION & INSTALLATION WRAPS: What tips do you have to ensure your installation team performs the job safely and successfully? CM: Give the project as much time as possible; account for weather and the occasional snafu. HH: All our installers are trained and have "competent operator" certifica- tion with swing stages and all types of lift equipment. We strictly adhere to all OSHA rules and guidelines. WRAPS: What types of challenges do you encounter during these specific jobs? CM: Several challenges. On a building face with windows you can have several different materials all on the same appli- cation, glass, metal and concrete which can play havoc with edges and seams in that the adhesive may stick to one of materials but not the others. In turn, you'll have flagging and it's possible the graphics could even come off the build- ing. The biggest challenge above all else is weather. In New Orleans, we had a tor- nado and in Phoenix and Vegas we'll see 120 degree days. Not all materials react the same to the changing of the hot and cold temperatures. HH: Each building is unique and thus each presents its own challenges. Most of the time our greatest challenges are late client art approval, weather, and build- ing access. Spectacular Results The photos associated with this arti- cle highlight the tremendous amount of work that goes into a building wrap. The conditions accompanying outdoor signage alone can create problems, affect- ing the overall performance of the graph- ics. Add to that the supersized nature of building wraps and the complications can certainly add up. However, with the tech- nology and talent that is available in this industry today, it's no surprise that com- panies like Elite Media and bluemedia can provide a significant facelift to even the most daunting of buildings. Toolbox Welcome to the Toolbox section, where we present resources to enrich and expand your business with great services and products from our advertisers. Quickly find and request free information on the suppliers featured in this section by visiting

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