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Rooftop Protrusions We begin by preparing the surface—washing with soap and water to clean all dirt or debris, including oil and grease that may be present and not visible. Then, when the surface is completely dry, wipe it all down using an isopropyl alcohol mix (70 percent alcohol, 30 percent water). With a small narrow brush, apply adhesive promoter. In this case I am using 3M Primer 94 and applying it on the lowest point right at the bottom of the protruded areas. Allow the pro- moter to sit for no less than five minutes and no more than one hour after it's been applied. 2 0 1 7 • WRAPS • 71 After five minutes has passed, remove the film liner and start lay- ing down film across the entire roof. Remember to keep the ends of the film open to allow the air to escape as we apply.

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