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72 • WRAPS • 2 0 1 7 Set your heat gun to 400°F and start heat- ing up the film on the bridged areas to flatten any creases between the protrusions. WRAP TECHNIQUUES Let's apply the film starting from middle center and the highest area where the film has already made contact with the substrate, down and parallel with the channel. Once the film is clear of any creases or buckles and applied on higher flat areas, it is time to apply the film downward all the way to the valley using the wrap glove or a roller. In this case, I use the 3 M VCAT roller. When applying with wrap gloves it is recommend to wet the tips of the fingers of the glove for better slid- ing. Direct the heat gun toward the film. Heat the film about two sec- onds and immediately begin rolling the film into the channel, out to the opened ends.

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