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74 • WRAPS • 2 0 1 7 WRAP TECHNIQUUES Protruding Roof Lights Now let's move to the protruding light sockets mounted at the front end of the roof. We removed the amber lenses prior to cleaning. Also masking tape has been applied around the black plastic base of the light fixture so the film won't aggressively stick immediately to it. Leave a gap in the masking tape approx- imating the width of the knifeless tape we will use for this part--approximately 1/16 of an inch. The knifeless tape then can adhere to the plastic and not the masking tape. Pull the film over the protrusion and then carefully relief-cut all the way around the top edge of each light, being careful not to cut the knifeless tape underneath. You only want to expose it so you can feed the film down without overstretching it. Squeegee down around the base of each light to find the starting point of the knife- less tape as well. Carefully pull the knifeless tape line around the base of the light fixture. After the line is pulled, remove the green left- over line and the masking tape and then finish tucking the film in under the black light base. For post-heating, set the heat gun to 220°- 225° and heat all of the channel areas where the film was stretched the most. It is very important to use a laser temperature gauge to ensure the film has been heated to the proper temperature and has eliminated any film memory. This critical step prevents the film from lifting around these protruding areas in the future.

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