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C O A C H A D . C O M 39 Convenient | Cost Effective | Accurate | Compliant | Advanced Technology | Human Filtered Results Fortunately there's something you can do. Peopletrail ® is dedicated to providing insight to help build a better and safer athletic experience. Building a safe and quality athletic program requires trustworthy personnel. The vetting of coaches, sports officials and volunteers not only reduces potential liabilities, it is a critical component of developing a quality and safe environment. Peopletrail is dedicated to providing actionable insight to community, scholastic, and professional athletic programs. Our trusted reporting provides protection and ensures accurate, comprehensive background screening results through integrated technology and professionally trained specialists. Our combined advanced technology and human touch streamlines the screening process resulting in reduced cost, swift turn-around-times and human-filtered results for increased accuracy and compliance. Trusted and respected by government agencies, professional and community athletic programs, Fortune 500 to small up-and-coming businesses, Peopletrail provides Actionable insight you trust ® . Learn more about Peopletrail and the partnership we provide to athletic associations throughout the nation to build a better and safer athletic experience. Schedule a complimentary consultation. | 866.223.8822 Helping to Build a Better, Safer Athletic Experience. As a sports community, we are dedicated to collecting the data and insight that builds our community and professional athletic programs. But even with our commitment to better outcomes, how much do we know about those who have such an intimate and significant interaction with youth, high school, collegiate and even professional team members? News stories continue to capture the spotlight of sporting officials with alarming criminal records. Yet many of these sporting officials are still able to interact with athletic programs because a background check was never conducted before they were placed in the position. Are we doing all we can to improve the quality of athletic competition and keeping athletes - our children - safe? Circle #116 or text CADJUN 116 to 41411

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