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S I G N & D I G I T A L G R A P H I C S • July 2017 • 23 times, but customers only cared about being delivered on time, when promised. Another great example is Day's Chevrolet—the local dealership where I take my vehicles for routine service. I've been there maybe six times over the past two years. The service department rep is always careful to tell me when my car will be ready and what I should expect to pay. Guess what? Every time, so far, the vehicle's been ready early (and, for what it's worth, the tab has come in—if only by a few bucks—lower than estimated). I'm convinced this is no coincidence but, even though my cynical old bones feel a bit manipulated, I will not take my car anywhere else! The obvious lesson: Don't promise to deliver something at a particular time unless you are sure you can keep your promise, and give yourself some wiggle room, if possible. Only promise what is necessary to get the business. Keep some- thing in reserve so that if and when the customer "ups the ante" by asking you to provide more, you can deliver with- out breaking a sweat. A Delivery "Incident" Can Cost You Dr. Larry Steinmetz, author of How to Sell at Prices Higher Than Your Competitors, performed research into the reasons why customers "fire" their suppliers. The study was conducted with 64 organiza- tions. Each provided canceled checks for goods and services procured over the most recent two-year period. Why did he look at the canceled checks? Simple. A sale is not legally consummated until the payment check clears the bank. For each buying organization, Dr. Steinmetz listed the vendors it did busi- ness with in Year One and Year Two. His summation for "Acme Inc." looked like the chart on the following page. VISIT CALL 775.829.7272 L E D S TA N D O F F S Available in White, Red, Green & Blue A World Leader in Way-Finding Signage BOOTH #333

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