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28 • July 2017 • S I G N & D I G I T A L G R A P H I C S "If they are meeting with a customer to provide static signs, the natural ques- tion is, is this a good application for improving the targeting of the commu- nication with dynamic signs," Bunn says. He adds that sign shops should not be afraid of getting into this business. There's a lot of support available from providers or possible partners so they don't have to learn the technology if they don't want to. The technology has also become "amazingly simplified with tem- plates and is as close to plug and play and easy deployments that it has ever been," Bunn says. Shiroke believes that small sign shops should do their homework on electronic digital signage before they decide to start selling it. "There are enough installations out there and enough examples to learn from, good and bad. Determine quickly who the largest providers are in the mar- ket space and see how, depending on what their goal is, they want to handle the sale. Subcontract with them as a pro- vider," Shiroke says. He points out that it is hard for small companies to go into this business on their own. "As a startup, without capital or back- ing or the funding you would need from named sources, you will struggle simply because there are too many well-estab- lished providers now that you have to compete with," Shitoke says. He adds that it's not good "to oversell yourself and take chances you shouldn't be tak- ing at this stage of the game in order to win the business, or you can try to buy it outright and give it away and not make money anyway." If a small- to medium-sized sign shop decides to go ahead with this business, Shiroke says small shops should pro- mote the fact that they give more per- sonalized attention, have faster response times and give more personalized ser- vice and support than a larger company can provide. "A lot of times bigger companies become complacent from pushing new technology or offering new services. Once they have gone through research and development, services and solutions, the pressure for them to remain in front of the technology is less so. That often falls to smaller/medium size businesses," he adds. Todd Heberlein, business develop- ment manager for Almo Professional A/V in Timonium, Maryland, says that one of the biggest benefits of digital signage is that it can be easily modified to fit with changing trends. "Selling digital signage can lead to a revenue stream from ongoing sub- scriptions or content creation. This can cause some initial pushback for those who are used to selling static signage as it shifts from a capital expenditure to both a capital expenditure along with an operational expense. The person selling this type of service must be able to show the value that the ongoing expense pro- vides," he says. Heberlein adds that selling digital sig- nage instead of static signage requires a shift into a more technical industry, which may intimidate some who have invested years in selling static signs. "It requires an investment in time to learn basic networking, as well as content management software. Since there are over 600 different signage CMS provid- ers, it's important to find a partner who can help you navigate through each of the various components." SDG The CDM Series from ViewSonic comes in 43-, 49-, and 55-inch sizes with integrated media player and versatile connectiv- ity options for easy digital signage applications. Sign & Digital Graphics MARKETPLACE 90 • June 2017 • S I G N & D I G I T A L G R A P H I C S ADA SIGNAGE GET NOTICED Call today to advertise in Sign & Digital Graphics Marketplace CONTACT BY CALLING: 800-669-0424 X297 OR EMAIL: DGILBERT@NBM.COM J U N E 2 0 1 7 DIGITAL PRINTING BRAILLE BRAILLE SOFTWARE Marketplace ( 8 0 0 ) 6 6 9 - 0 4 2 4 BANNER FRAMES BANNERS 1 Day Turnaround on most orders No Minimum phone: 919-661-5801 email: website: BANNER PRINTING 8 mil Gloss Posters - $1.25 sq/ft 4 year intermediate adhesive vinyl - $2.00 sq/ft Avery Cast Vehicle Wrap Vinyl with lamination - $4.00 sq/ft 48" x 96" Full Color Printed Coroplast Sheets - $25.00 each (minimum order 10 sheets) Laminated 30 mil. magetic signs - $5.00 sq/ft 15 oz Backlit Flex Faces (Printed Both Sides) - $3.50 sq/ft Wholesale Digital Printing Now Printing 16' Wide Seamless Up to 1,000 dpi High Definition / White Ink Printing / 3M MCS Warranty 3M IJ180cV3 with 8518 Laminate as low as $3.00 sq/ft SBJUNMarketplace.indd 90 5/12/17 11:25 AM Contact Diane Gilbert at 800-669-0424 x297 A low-cost solution to gain attention for your company.

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