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S I G N & D I G I T A L G R A P H I C S • July 2017 • 37 Other Benefits Cirigliano adds that strange things can occur when you laminate vinyl over vinyl, especially when one or both of those vinyls is coated. "Most often the issue is the two vinyls don't bond well to each other, which can result in the top layer de-laminating. Printing directly to magnets constructed at the factory with means-tested laminates for print- ing applications allows you to avoid this risk." He also points out that printing directly to the magnet is especially important for vehicle signs. "Outdoors, temperature changes and the elements can pull and shrink an extra layer of vinyl if you apply one, pulling the edges of the magnet up slightly. On a fridge this might not be a big deal, but on a vehicle, even a slight curl gives dirt, moisture, road salt and other debris a place to get underneath, lifting the magnet slightly off of the vehicle's metal surface. This 'air gap' gives the wind rushing over a fast-moving vehicle something to catch, which is sometimes enough to pull the magnet off of the vehicle. For this reason, we strongly recommend printing directly to outdoor-rated printable magnets for vehicle signs," he explains. Print and Ink Options Cirigliano explains that the other ben- efit from printing direct is that shops can take advantage of printing onto today's magnetic materials using eco-solvent, UV-cure and Latex printing processes. He adds that their products offered are "optimized" for particular ink types. "We sell a standard, 'go-to' product that works great for most solvent, eco- solvent, UV and Latex printers, but there are also magnetic media products that are optimized for specific press or ink types. For example, our new MuscleMag Latex product is specially designed to work with latex inks and carries HP's certifica- tion for use with their 300 series of Latex printers. We've also got special products that work with certain laser/toner based machines that aren't compatible with magnetized media: un-magnetized sheets that can be magnetized post-print. Plus 800.CALL IEC To Bring Your Vision to Light Delivering Solutions... Sign & Graphic Supplies Since 1946 NBM Long Beach Booth 317 From easy-to-change, direct-print magnetic graphic systems to a wide selection of powerful fastening magnets, we have it all. Rely on Master Magnetics for competitive pricing, fast delivery and expert advice. We'll help your projects stay on time and budget. To learn more about our magnetic solutions for your business' success, go to or call 888.293.3534.

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