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S I G N & D I G I T A L G R A P H I C S • July 2017 • 41 RGB Printers I'll start with the least common type of printer—the RGB printer. RGB print- ers don't use ink. They are photographic printers that transfer colored light onto photosensitive paper, (see Figure 3). An RGB printer known as LightJet was originally developed by Cymbolic Sciences in the early 1990s to write to 8"×10" photographic film. These "digital originals" were indistinguishable from scanned slides and negatives, and prints had the look and feel of a traditional photograph, and offered resolutions of about 4,000 dpi. Later Oce acquired Cymbolic Sciences and a large-format version of the LighJet was developed—along with competing brands such as the Durst Lambda. These units had the capability of writing much larger digital images directly onto photographic paper and backlit duratrans film using colored lasers. Though fairly popular among commercial graphics shops some years ago, their expense and limited substrate options have made them less popular, especially as the quality and speed of highly versatile, less expensive inkjet systems emerged. Figure 3: Diagrams for comparison of RGB and inkjet printers. RGB Printer Inkjet Printer

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