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50 • July 2017 • S I G N & D I G I T A L G R A P H I C S WRAPS DIGITAL GRAPHICS Tape comes in a bunch of options depend- ing on the type of application. Most of the trimming we do is along a door, window or other part where we're able to lay the blade along an e dge for clean trimming without placing the blade on the actual paint job. We used to use common X-acto knifes all the time, but we found that we have less control over the depth of cutting—and changing out blades was too time consuming so we wouldn't change our blades as often as we should. With snap-off, retractable blades we can control how much of our blade sticks out and we can simply snap off a dull blade and keep going. We prefer the NT Cartridge Cutter because it has a smooth plastic body that won't scratch the vehi- cle. It also holds up to five blades so we can snap through five blades before we have to reload the knife. A blade disposal case is also another handy tool to have in your kit. We use the OLFA DC-3 blade disposal cases. Once they're full of blades you can simply and safely dispose of the whole case. This keeps snapped off blades from being dropped into the trash or left lay- ing around the shop floor. Also available is the Blade Cage from WBC Graphics, which features a rubber-shielded mag- net to keep spent blades secure—and it comes in designer colors. Tools for Wall Wraps If you offer wall wraps be sure you check into textured surface application tools as well as heat guns with higher temperature options. For these wraps to be durable long term you'll need the right tools for the job. 3 M's T S A -4 two-handled textured surface applicator is a great tool for applying graphics to textured walls. The tool has a heat resistant foam roller with an attachment for the heat gun, keeping the heat at the right distance and angle to the surface. If you're applying graphics to a brick wall with joints you'll need to also conform the vinyl into these crevices. The 3 M TSA-2 Mortar Joint Roller is designed to be used with a high heat gun to press the vinyl into detail areas. Tools for Wrap Efficiency There are plenty of other helpful tools available that may not be neces- sary for getting a great wrap, but they can may make you a more efficient installer. If you think it will help you achieve faster results you might want to consider a handy belt or pouch for holding your tools. There are also magnetic pouches that attach to the side of the vehicle to keep your tools close at hand. There are also tools to help remove emblems and moldings. From plastic scrapers to fine wire there are many options to choose from. If you remove a lot of emblems the investment might quickly pay off by eliminating extra labor costs. We've also found that some of the tools designed to help with tucking vinyl into small areas and lifting rub- ber seals are worth investing in. Many of the tools we've found to be most helpful are made of a non-marring plastic with small tips. SDG Heat guns, air release tools, rivet brushes, wrap gloves and trimming knives are just a few of the finishing tools that help you achieve the best results.

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