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July '17

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S I G N & D I G I T A L G R A P H I C S • July 2017 • 81 The aluminum posts made from 4" x 4" tubing are slotted using a table saw with rip fence. To make a decent saw cut in aluminum tub- ing a carbide tipped fine tooth blade is best. Tape marks are used to show where the slot in the posts needs to stop. Watching the tape marks on both the posts and the table saw helped in making each saw pass the same length. The slot or groove needed to be a bit over 3/8" wide since 3/8" diameter studs would be used to secure the sign to the posts. The only welding required was used to bond steel studs to strips of steel flat bar to make the attachment brackets for securing horizontal frame members to the posts. The long members of the frame are exactly 96" and spaced exactly 48" from outside edge to outside edge. The mounting brack- ets with studs are turned to the inside of the frame. One small block of tubing is taped in place in the exact center of the sign, and a single rivet will hold it to one of the faces to stiffen up the center of the sign. A neat line of evenly spaced rivets goes around the perimeter, but they are special low-profile rivets.

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