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GOLD AND BLACK ILLUSTRATED VOLUME 27, ISSUE 6 19 sidering you have so many new guys? It seems like it'll be a different team than in the spring. Brohm: "We really feel like summer and fall is import- ant. So the summer with us, we're only allowed to do so much, the players can run the abbreviated practices a couple times a week and be in charge of that. Normally there can be some gelling that happens there. It's normally eight weeks (of summer work, but) the school schedule is only seven. That could be valuable time. Other than the conditioning and the running and the lifting, them throw- ing passes and doing things football-oriented have to be important. I think they can get a lot of out of it. We have to use that as catch-up. That's important. Once we get to fall camp, without question, people have to be thrown into the fire. We've got to get plenty of reps. We've got to maybe occasionally have a few longer practices than we'd like just to make sure everyone is given a chance. Then as we get into it, we'll be able to narrow it down." Gold and Black: How many newcomers would you expect on the two-deep? Brohm: "Everybody. Well, are you talking about true freshmen or just newcomers? Some of the true freshmen maybe not, but any of the junior college or graduate trans- fers and some incoming freshmen will be on the two-deep and will be given an opportunity to show what they can do. It doesn't mean anything is going to be handed to them, but they will be given more than an ample opportunity to show- case what they can do." Gold and Black: What's it like trying to devise an offense with potential limitations at some spots? Brohm: "We have all different categories that we nor- mally carry into a game. For example, the offensive line, you can't ask them to just one-on-one block everything. We're going to have to find ways to help with certain guys, whether it's two guys on one, we're going to have to find ways to chip defensive ends who are coming off the edge to help our tackles. We're not going to be able to isolate our center on an island all the time. I think we can help to a certain degree with that. At tight end, we've got to contin- ue to utilize those guys, they can help us both in the run- ning and passing game. We have enough runners that we have to make sure they're in the game and getting touches and getting the ball. "At the receiver position, it's a work in progress, but I think we can get better. With a couple of the new addi- Purdue Entering training camp, Jeff Brohm feels more comfortable with Purdue's first unit on defense than, maybe, any other area of the team, likely hard to admit for an offensive-minded coach.

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