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GOLD AND BLACK ILLUSTRATED VOLUME 27, ISSUE 6 63 "Some of us were not really ready for the attention it brought us with the national television coverage and all the focus on us," said Rose, who struggled after his big year in 1997 to keep his starting position for his junior and senior years. "We became bigger than life. Some of us handled the attention well. Others did not. To this day, I have remorse for how I acted." For Dicken, he said the weekly ups and downs made Sunday practices a challenge. "Let's just say after Saturday night, I was a bit foggy at some of the Sunday practices," Dicken said. "I might have had a little too much fun." Lesson No. 6: Seize The Moment With the miracle of Michigan State, this one might seem redundant from Lesson 4. But often, the moment was made possible by the little things that happened before. Consider Beasley's situation, for example. He wasn't even a starter in the opening-season loss at Toledo, but his name was called when junior Bil- ly Gustin broke his collarbone at the Glass Bowl. "That '97 season taught me to see it through," Beasley said. "It doesn't matter what you're dealing with, whether it's at work, on a playing field, as long as you have a game plan to execute and you stick to it. But you have to make it work when your num- ber is called." So in his first game as a starter in a game-defining moment against No. 12 Notre Dame, Beasley's time came when he saw the football laying on the Ross-Ade Stadium turf. "I can remember it like it was yes- terday," Beasley said. "(Notre Dame quarterback Ron) Powlus dropping back, he's kind of scrambling around a little bit. Rosevelt is coming off the corner, and I'm dropping back into coverage but kind of watching the quarterback at the same time. So I see Rosevelt break free, but I'm still playing back deep, but I see the big arm of his swipe down and strip-sack the quarterback. "Once I saw that, instincts take over. It's almost like it happened in slow motion, the ball just came to me. I was in the perfect place at the right time. It took the per- fect bounce to me. I don't remember anything (after). I grabbed the ball and started running. I don't remember hearing anything around me. I just ran as fast as I could until I got to the end zone, smiling the entire way. "I ended up getting tackled in the end zone by my team- mates and now the sound (in my brain) comes back on." The play, for all intents and purposes, was the moment when everyone around Purdue football believed the Boil- ermakers were going to not only beat Notre Dame but start the turnaround in the program. But there was another somewhat-forgotten example of seizing the moment in the 28-17 win over the Irish. With Purdue leading by four points and the game clock down to just two minutes left in the fourth quarter, Purdue was faced with a third-and-three just inside Notre Dame ter- THE HILL GROUP O'HARE INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT We're Illinois' largest mechanical contractor, and we're proud to have 39 outstanding Boilermakers on our HVAC / Plumbing team. Warren Hill, ME '63 Jim Hill, MET '95, MBA '03 Jim Billard, LA '90 Brian Teyema, ME '87 Scott Dierking, IM '77 Russ Nelson, BCM '00 David Pikey, PH '97 Rhonda Orange, BS '03, MBA '07 Bill Silfies, MBA '03 Nick Muscolino, MET '06 Matthew Crawford, MET '05 Bob Hill, BCM '06 Anthony Camasta, MET '04 Deborah Toth, MET '07 Daniel Gasser, BS '04 Jason Jones, MET '08 Nick Johnson, BCM '09 Bryan O'Neill, BCM '09 Steven Sitkowski, BCM '10 Isaac Townsend, ME '10 Don Wunderlich, ME '13 Taylor Spaulding, ME '12 Jessica James, BS '13 Robert C. Krier, MET '13 Joseph Schraffenberger, ME'13 Michael Rish, BCM '13 Brandon Goldstein, ME '14 Jared Schreiber, MET '14 Dan Schmidt, BCM '04 Grant Fillipitch, MET '12 Chaz Usher, BCM '17 Dan Dobbins, ME '89 Andrew Swibes, ME '15 Chris Spesia, MET '15 Phil Treely, BCM '16 James Gradowski, ME/EE '19 Ryan Kissane, ME '19 Vito Anzalone, ME '18 Sam Belliel, ME '17 The Hill Group currently is installing four 4500-ton chillers at O'Hare International Airport as part of a larger infrastructure improvement project. GB_Illus_2016Glossy_HillGrp 8/19/16 1:40 PM Page 1

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