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VOLUME XCIII - NO. 12 | 117 YEARS OF SERVICE TO THE GOSPEL | JULY 8-21, 2017 | @DenverCatholic | | BY AARON LAMBERT V ivian Imbruglia, the iconogra- pher who was commissioned to write the icon of Servant of God Julia Greeley for the Archdiocese of Denver, recently wrote her 100th icon: Our Lady of Fatima. It's a milestone for the California-based iconog- rapher that is made all the more significant by the 100th anniversary of the apparitions of Fatima. The beautifully crafted and exquisitely† detailed icon resides at the World Apostolate of Fatima Shrine in Washington, N.J.† "I had known the anni- versary of Fatima was coming up, and I had [a] strong Holy Spirit urge to write an icon for it," Imbruglia recalled. "As I noted the three [other] icons I was already work- ing on would be numbers 97, 98 and 99, it occurred to me Fatima would be 100." The preparation that goes into writing an icon is† more of a† spiritual process† than it is about the actual painting of the icon, Imbruglia said.† "With every icon, I need to spend time get- ting to know the subject, and this was especially so with Fatima. It is true that I had an urge that told me I needed to write an icon that celebrated the 100th anniversary, but in reality, I didn't actually know that much about Fatima," she said. Her research ensued, which usually† consists of some Google searches, but more importantly, c o nve r sa t i o n s w i t h people. A friend of Imbruglia's, who is a member of the World Apostolate of Fatima, provided her with a good base knowledge and referred her to a few more experts, including Father Andrew Apos- toli, whose book Fatima For Today is one of the most widely respected volumes on the historic event. Fa t h e r A p o s t o l i a–rmed the very import- ant elements of the Fatima story that were » Icon spreads Fatima message I had known the anniver- sary of Fatima was coming up, and I had [a] strong Holy Spirit urge to write an icon for it." VIVIAN IMBRUGLIA " Catholic artists » How artists and the Church need each other to evangelize through beauty Icons » Why the forgotten spirituality of icons still matters to a modern world Hello Beauty » Women's retreat celebrates and encourages creativity Cardinal Pell » George Weigel reflects on 50 years of friendship with the Cardinal

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