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AUGUST 2017 THE SHOP 13 other idiosyncrasies, these are not engines I would trust a novice engine rebuilder with," Rovegno adds. "Our next most popular Cadillac engine kit would be the one for the 1949-'55 Cadillac 331-ci over- head valve V-8 and the 1956-'58 Cadillac 365-ci V-8. Many of the parts for these steady sellers are becoming difficult to find. They are easy to rebuild, but the rocker arm assemblies and pushrods can be installed incorrectly, causing a catastrophic engine failure." According to Rovegno, "The 1959-'62 Cadillac 390-ci V-8 kit has been our most popular engine kit for as far back as I can remember. The 1959 Caddy is an Amer- ican icon and the 1959-'62 models are still highly thought of and sought-after. We make just about every hard part needed to restore these engines. However, the 1964- '66 Cadillac 429-ci V-8 took a tremendous jump in engine parts sales this year and finished just below the 1959-'62 engines." Rovegno says that the 472- and 500-ci V-8s have seen steady growth in sales. "We just produced our first 1980s piston. Of course, it fits the 1980-'84 Cadillac 368-ci engine. All Cadillac engine parts are popular. Caddy owners are perfectionists and we put a lot of effort into making the parts better than OEM whenever possible. Our late 331- through 500-ci pistons are coated. We groove the inside of the 1949-'66 rocker arms to prevent premature failures. We diamond-turn our non-coated pistons to prevent scuffing. Finally, we make the main sets up to 0.040 oversize, since crankshafts are getting impossible to find." According to Rovegno, all Cadillac engine parts are popular with collectors and pistons, rod bearings, main bearing sets, rocker arm assembly parts and valve lifters are leading the sales trend. "Although not a performance engine, we sell a good number of mild high-per- formance Cadillac cams," he notes. "Our Cadillac complete master engine and val- vetrain kits are our most popular kits." A CONTINUING MARKET At the annual Atlantic City Classic Car Auction there is always a display of vin- tage American luxury cars that looks sus- piciously like a Cadillac museum. Troby's Memory Lane is the name of the company that sets it up. Based in South HOT ROD & CUSTOMIZATION

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