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14 THE SHOP AUGUST 2017 Hackensack, New Jersey, Tony Averso and partner Tony Trabiano say that the luxury land yachts they deal in held their own through a sagging economy. "If you have good cars, the market is there," Averso believes. Troby's cars stand out for their exceptional condition. "I try to bring cars back to what they were—even the colors," Averso points out. "If a car isn't right, it's not correct. Restoring a '57 Cadillac Brougham is very expensive and time-consuming. It will take a year of work and there are many unavailable parts." The shop that houses Troby's Memory Lane doesn't have a huge showroom or countless square feet of to work in, but it makes up for it with spectacular cars, the majority being 1930s-'60s Cadillacs. "Cars of the '50s have stayed hot over the past five years," says Averso. "The '40s have dropped off, but collectors are buying Gatsby-era Cadillac V-12s and V-16s and putting them away. If GM keeps changing, the cars will be worth a fortune." Averso sees a continuing market for old cars, trucks and even tractors in the future. "It's like a candy store with all the choices," he says. "Muscle cars are going to go up and down. I think Barrett-Jackson created a false level for the muscle cars. Your classic Cadillacs are always going to be in demand there. "We try to buy quality Cadillacs and sell quality Cadillacs," he continues. "We'll spend more money on a car, buying it, if it's cor- rect. If it's not correct, we won't even look at it. If I have to fly to Iowa to look at a car, I'll do it. I've got spotters all over the country and I'll send them out to look at cars. If they don't think they're what I'm looking for, they'll just call me and tell me, 'It's not for you.'" Averso—who had been buying new Cadillacs from Trabiano —partnered with him to start Troby's Memory Lane in 1988. The shop has space for almost two-dozen cars and is usually filled with Cadillacs. Troby's likes cars with a history. Averso says it makes a car easier to sell if it's got a good pedigree. Troby's sells about 70 cars a year. A very high percentage of them are from the 1950s or earlier. Averso says that is where the interest lies today. As for selling cars at Atlantic City, Averso says, "It's every Ameri- can's dream to win a fortune at a casino and it's the dream of every baby boomer to drive a Cadillac." A REPUTATION FOR PERFORMANCE Angelo Van Bogart is the editor of Old Cars Weekly and the author of the book Cadillac: 100 Years of Innovation. His first collector car was a 1955 Cadillac Coupe de Ville and he now has three of those, plus a 1961 Cadillac two-door hardtop. Van Bogart says Cadillac parts are hard to get and expensive when found. "The aftermarket support system for these cars isn't as good as it is for Chevys and Fords—or even Pontiacs and muscle cars," he says. According to this Cadillac expert, shops may have to restore existing parts. "Getting parts restored is expensive and labor-intensive," he points out. "You can't just buy a new bumper for a 1955 Cadillac; you have to get your old one restored or. in rare cases. you can find and buy a new old stock bumper. If you can locate one of those, I guarantee Cadillac MARKET The Ed Cholakian used to specialize in parts for Cadillacs of the '40s like this 1941 model. Now, he carries parts for '50s cars and newer Cadillacs, too. Cadillac's 1946-'48 models are currently desirable, according to Jim and Mike Ring. This is a 1947 limousine at the 2015 Cadillac LaSalle Club convention. Expand, reduce, swage tubing anywhere for flexible, affordable tube connecting. Form joints, expansions, reductions: slip joints, flares/flat flares, ball joints, deep swage expansions and reductions. Broad capacity, expanding from 1" to 6", through 12" with custom tooling. Multiple models on easy wheel- ing carts or compact stands … handheld, benchtop, portable for shops, work-cell operations. Visit www.huthbenders. com/huth-products /expanders-and-swagers for our complete line of quality expanders and swagers. 800-558-7808 Made in the USA Follow us on Huth End Forming Expanders & Swagers Help You Connect! Up to $500 in Free tooling! with the purchase of an Expander/swager HOT ROD & CUSTOMIZATION

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