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24 THE SHOP AUGUST 2017 "All too often, we see customers with clutches too strong for their application or that have unnecessary tradeoffs. At least 50 percent of the issues we are asked to solve can be traced back to selecting an improper clutch kit right from the start." CRYSTAL BALL Again, with all the changes happening, now is an exciting time to be in the performance clutch market. And those changes likely won't slow down moving forward. "Technology is always advancing and we find ourselves continuing to innovate our product line to keep up with current technology," Baldwin says. And Polena adds that the traditional clutch market is shrinking. "Ferrari and Lamborghini no longer offer a manual option at all," he explains. "With manufacturers reducing the number of manual transmission options, along with emerging options such as paddle-shift gearboxes, only companies that have the capability to adopt the new technology will GRAB & GO Today's clutch market blends old-school power and fun with cutting-edge in- novation. (Photo courtesy ACT)

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