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AUGUST 2017 THE SHOP 25 survive the upcoming changes in the clutch market." But that doesn't mean he thinks it's going away. "I believe the perfor- mance clutch market will always be around. There will always be a group of true enthusiasts that will want a traditional manual transmission." Starksen agrees that the market is on solid footing. "As long as there are enthu- siasts who are passionate about the full driving experience they can only get with a manual transmission, the future of the per- formance clutch market remains bright and strong," he predicts. "Today, automakers are leaving plenty of room for improvement in the OE equipment, as they appear to be more focused on improving other areas. ACT remains right there to fill that need." And Baty says that clutch manufacturers are ready to take on the challenges the future will bring. "I see more and more smaller multi-disc clutches in demand," he says. "The power level of today's vehicles is crazy, so for us to develop performance, driver-friendly clutches and flywheels has its challenges." The market, as always, is constantly ready to shift gears. With so many choices, take time to educate yourself on what customers really need, and why they should choose one type of clutch over another. (Photo courtesy ACT) HIGH MARGIN 500 F T-LBS 650 F T-LBS 1,700 F T-LBS ADVANCED CLUTCHES AND DRIVETRAIN COMPONENTS WITH SUPERIOR CUSTOMER SUPPORT HIGH PERFORMANCE & APPLICATIONS FOR MUSCLE CAR, TRUCK, IMPORT AND JEEP 928-771-8422 | WWW.CENTERFORCE.COM

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