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AUGUST 2017 THE SHOP 45 eration, no option can top electric power. "It's the most torquey, instantaneous thing there is," Bream says. "You really have to drive an electric to get it. But consider this: The quickest production car in the world right now is an electric four-door hatch- back. A Tesla Model S is quicker than a La Ferrari. It's quicker than a Porsche GT3 with launch control. And it's a 4,600-pound family sedan with cup holders and child safety seats." What happens when you put that drive- line in a 2,400-pound car? One of Bream's customers put a Tesla driveline into Factory Five 818. The first time he took it to a drag strip, he ran a 10.6. "So, suddenly, everything has changed. Every race series on the planet that allows IC (internal combustion)-engine cars is now at risk of having their records shattered by an electric vehicle." FAST TIMES AT THE ELECTRIC CORRAL It should surprise no one, then, that race series for electric cars are beginning to tug at the public's attention. At the pinnacle (in expense, at least) stands Formula E, which the globe-girdling FIA claims to be "the world's first fully elec- tric racing series." Now in its third season, Formula E boasts a 2016-'17 itinerary that includes races in Hong Kong, Marrakesh, Buenos Aires, Mexico City, Monaco, Paris, and Berlin. It's coming to the streets of Brooklyn this July 15-16, before finishing up two weeks later in Montreal. Ten teams currently compete, many with names as familiar as Renault, Jaguar, and Andretti. Peugeot-Citroën and the Penske organization are involved as manufacturers. BMW will join as a driveline manufac- turer in 2018-'19, when a new battery from McLaren may make the currently manda- tory mid-race car change obsolete. Meanwhile, Fo r m u l a E 's U.S. TV audi- ence has grown to 2.5 million—and many of them a r e y o u n g e r TECHNOLOGY & ELECTRONICS

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