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52 THE SHOP AUGUST 2017 A tip that shops can use to improve their light bar installations is… …read the instructions (ha ha!) and become familiar with what is included in the kit before you begin the installation. Not all kits come with the same components. TrailFX Premium Light Bar kits come complete with light bar, wiring harness and dash-mounted LED switch, plus install instructions. An unexpected benefit for shops serving the light bar market is… …the opportunity to sell brackets, bum- pers and bull bars to complement the light bar purchase. And, since most light bars are used off-road, that can open up a dialogue about recovery products or lift kits that may or may not result in an immediate sale, but certainly can position the shop as a solid resource for all future off-road product needs. Westin Automotive San Dimas, California Bob West CEO Our hottest light bar product is… ...our Ultimate and Contour LED Bull Bars, which integrate both product groups into one product for full-size and down- sized trucks. We incorporate light bars into virtually all of our grille guards, bull bars and our HDX and Snyper bumpers. For Jeep owners, our Snyper line of light bar mounts are also extremely popular, and Westin offers a large variety of traditional light bars for Jeeps and trucks alike, as well as a full range of LED light bars. Its best features include… …Ultimate and Contour LED Bull Bar fea- tures include 3- to 3-1/2-inch steel tubing with a 20- or 30-inch LED light bar in the center tube. Our light bars are adjustable vertically, so when they are mounted on a stock or lifted truck, you can aim your lights directly at the road for maximum visibility. The mounting brackets are reinforced to hold the light bars firm and stable and are finished in black textured powder-coat or polished stainless steel. The Snyper light bar mounts are manufactured from cast aluminum and finished with textured black Light bars offer drivers additional illumination, and look good doing it. (Photos courtesy Westin Automotive) Modern light bars are versatile, affordable and make a big impact both in function and style. (Photos courtesy FX Products) Don't hesitate to offer brackets, bumpers and bull bars to go along with new light bars. (Photo courtesy FX Products) 52 THE SHOP AUGUST 2017

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