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AUGUST 2017 THE SHOP 75 tion, according to Christina Ynostrosa, marketing coordinator. "We proudly place this seal on all of our marketing materials to highlight this benefit," she notes. "In fact, one of our marketing pieces highlights the danger of skin cancer and the protection offered by window film. In order to help the dealer bring this fact home, we offer a poster to our customers for placement in their shops titled 'Skin Cancer Does Not Discrimi- nate.' Retailers who display it say it is a fantastic way to initiate conversations about this benefit." WIDE SELECTION Johnson Window Films offers a full line of films for retailers. However, sometimes too many choices can be confusing for first- time retailers, Ynostrosa notes. "Our automotive films offer a variety of high-tech constructions and protection levels, which at times can be a little intimi- dating," she says. "We have found that cer- tain films are preferred by some customers over others. Some films are preferred within a region where certain characteristics like heat reduction, glare reduction or solar energy absorption is needed. The warmer climates are especially sensitive to the ben- efits of window film installation." State laws that mandate the amount of light allowed into the automobile also play a factor in determining which films are most popular in which areas, Ynostrosa adds. (See New York sidebar). "Some state laws are very strict with respect to allowable VLT (visible light transmission) that is allowed on certain windows," she explains, noting that the company has two comprehensive websites to help educate consumers and installers on the product and the company's many offerings. Laws can vary by state and region. Be sure your shop stays up on the latest informa- tion regarding what's allowed in your area. (Photo courtesy John- son Window Film) ONE HAPPY MUDDER BE ROGUE. BE BOLD. BE PROUD. ROLLINGBIGPOWER.COM 1-800-237-7560 SHOW SERIES BLADES LIFT KITS NDX GRILLES RX-3 STEP BAR THE SHOP_AUGUST_AD.indd 1 6/8/2017 3:28:53 PM

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