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76 THE SHOP AUGUST 2017 EASY DOES IT Good technicians can make film installa- tion look easy. Of course, it isn't always as simple as it appears. Different vehicles call for different tricks of the trade, whether it be additional heat, a soapier solution or talcum powder to get the film just right. Ynostrosa discusses how good techs are made. "We've found that all installers create their own techniques along the way. Everyone has their own opinion of what the best installation methods are. What works for one will not work for all," she says. "However, all window film should only be installed by trained professionals, as the finished product must be optically clear, as if you had no film installed." To get new techs going, Johnson offers intensive training. "We handle the needs of the installers, both new and old, by offering expert training classes at our Johnson Univer- sity," she says. "Classes are held in either Automotive or Home/Office installation, ranging from beginner to advanced. Classes are five days, with several students per class. We use a Johnson-tested teaching method Made in the Shade Different vehicles call for different install tricks. (Photo courtesy Johnson Window Film) Good technicians can make film installation look easy. (Photo courtesy Johnson Window Film)

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