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2 0 1 7 A U G U S T P R I N T W E A R || 23 ceeded to the rest of pre-press. Because we built this image in Illustrator and ev- erything was in spot colors and layers, we could output from there directly on the CTS (computer-to-screen). We kept the halftone frequency an easy 45 lpi. Next, we made our ink selections. The tanks were a type that we knew liked to bleed and the surface of the fabric was ex- tremely fuzzy. We used a low-cure ink so- lution to keep the temperatures down in an effort to combat the fuzziness. We also decided to use a bleed blocker on this de- sign. To keep costs down, and because the fabric was not terribly dark, we settled on a 50/50 bleed-blocker gray and athletic per- formance white mix. We knew we would compromise some of the blocking prop- erties of the gray while also tainting the white, but we would still get some char- acteristics of both. We had a pastel pallet for the balance of the colors, and, actually, printing the gray base color helped the pas- tel colors pop a bit. The gray underbase was on a 156 thread mesh, followed by a flash, heated roller, and smoothing screen. The balance of the screens ran wet-on-wet on 230 meshes. At the end, we added a flash and smooth- ing screen with matte paper to take the shine off the athletic inks and knock down the shirt fuzz one more time. All screens were quality dyed mesh with a traditional thread diameter stretched on retensionable frames and stabilized at 30 N/cm2. Squee- gees were all sharpened triple ply dual du- rometer 65/90/65s at a medium pace and 15-degree angle. Setup was simple using our pre-registra- tion system. After just a micro adjustment, we were good to go. Since Ax is 24 now and graduated from college, we didn't expect to hear anything from the Gamma's on their finished T-shirts. But low and behold, we got word that the girls all loved the shirts. We even got to hear how cute they all were in them. AFFORDABLE Computer to Screen • Excellent Density • Eliminates Film • Streamlines Efciency • Accurate Registration • Improves Quality UV-LED Exposure Unit and Stand now available for the FREEStyler EXILE Technologies has made it possible for any screen shop to enjoy the beneǻts of computer to screen. The extremely affordable FREEStyler DTS provides all the advantages of much more expensive systems, without the hefty price tag. With a simple ink cartridge change, this unique printer can also be converted into a direct to garment printer!

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