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2 | Vegetable Growers News | 2018 MEDIA KIT 1. Strong History. For more than 50 years, VGN has served as a powerful and reliable resource for vegetable growers across the country. 2. Editorial Leadership. VGN consistently delivers the highest quality editorial for the industry, covering every topic and addressing every need to ensure growers are informed and successful. 3. Purchasing Authority. Decision-makers make up the majority of the VGN readership, with 88 percent having purchasing authority 1 . 4. Trusted Circulation. VGN uses the third-party auditing firm AAM ® to provide you with the circulation facts you need to make informed media purchasing decisions. 5. Growing Digital Audience 2 . A 52 percent increase in web visitors and a 45 percent increase in pageviews in the past year demonstrates a significant increase in growers relying on VGN as a trusted resource for insight and information. 6. Custom Marketing Solutions. Our Custom Marketing Team has a proven track record of expanding audience reach and increasing engagement through unique and innovative solutions that capture the attention of your target audience. 1 2016 Vegetable Growers News Readership Survey 2 Publishers Own Data AUDIENCE VEGETABLE GROWERS NEWS Why Choose Vegetable Growers News? GREG SEBEL Integrated Marketing Consultant 616.520.2146 LEE DEAN Editorial Director 616.520.2150 STEPHEN KLOOSTERMAN Assistant Editor 616.520.2152 ERIC HADDEN Graphic Designer 616.520.2147 MATT MCCALLUM Publisher 616.520.2133 ANA OLVERA Digital Content Editor 616.520.2171 SAMANTHA ORSI Traffic Manager 616.520.2148 Meet the Team AGRICULTURE ASSOCIATIONS CROP CONSULTANTS EXTENSION EDUCATORS GOVERNMENT AGENCIES PACKERS RESEARCHERS PEST CONTROL ADVISERS PROCESSORS SHIPPERS SUPPLIERS GROWERS GARY PULLANO Managing Editor 616.520.2144

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