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It can be really hard at times, but when you see that SEMA Show floor, the excitement ropes you back in. show truck in 2004—we're thrilled to just be a part of it. There certainly are many builders out there who are more experi- enced or have a higher profile, but we take great pride in doing what we say and never overextending ourselves to the point that we can't deliver. That keeps our sponsors on our side and that provides us with great opportunities." Connecting to the Passion With their dedication to serving their project vehicle sponsors and dealer cus- tomers, in addition to their families and work protecting their community, things can at times get overwhelming. But being able to contribute makes it all worthwhile, says Timm. "There are some days when it is beyond overwhelming and I've been close to throwing in the towel," he says. "It can be really hard on our wives and kids at times, and I regret that. But there's just something about this work that has become a true passion. When you see that SEMA Show floor, the excitement ropes you back in." Timm says he's even considered making 2 Brothers Custom Trucks ( his full-time gig. If it weren't for the unpredict- able nature of the economy and the auto- motive industry, he would have already. "My passion is custom vehicles. I know that," he says. "I love being a cop and being able to serve my community, but if I knew I had builds for the future and was going to be able support my family, I would con- sider it. But you just never know." One thing is certain, however. In what- ever form, either as police officers or as cus- tom builders, Timm and Walker will find creative ways to push their work forward and find ways to give back. Case in point: the company is planning its first car, truck and motorcycle show for 2013. The profits from the event will go to benefit the St. John's Children's Hospital in Springfield. The brothers plan to stream live video of the event to the children stay- ing at the hospital and will hand-deliver show T-shirts to the patients inside. Then they'll stream live video of the presenta- tion back to the show, so attendees can get a sense of the impact they're having. "My brother and I are fortunate to have healthy children," he says. "We have turned a hobby into a business that has provided us with the ability to do some- thing special for others who need it more than most will ever know. This show is an opportunity to make others aware of what the St. John's Children Hospital is and what they do for so many. We hope this show is a success and continues to grow each year." With that community-minded mental- ity, it's likely that this project, like so many others in the brothers' lives, will take off as well. 40 YEARS. THOUSANDS OF SATISFIED CUSTOMERS. TEST WITH THE BEST WWW.SUPERFLOW.COM 1.888.442.5546 ENGINE DYNOS CHASSIS DYNOS FLOWBENCHES DATA ACQUISITION VISIT US AT THE TRADESHOWS: ATRA: BOOTH #205 SEMA: BOOTH #21505 PRI: BOOTH #5369 Use INFO # 15 November 2012 n Performance Business n 49 TM

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