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Dan Sanchez For serious off-road enthusiasts, lift-kits and body-lifts have their place on certain vehicles, but they know that high-speed suspension performance from a mid and long-travel suspension system. Most of us have broken enough shocks, bent frames, and demolished upper A-arms to know that driving 70 mph in the desert takes race-style suspension components. The thrill isn’t about trying to fit larger tires, but instead, getting more wheel travel and being able to launch your truck or SUV off the ground and land like it’s on a bed of foam. On the flip-side, beefier components are more expensive, so many manufacturers of mid and long-travel suspension systems often offer a variety of kits that can be purchased and installed in stages. From front upper control arms to complete rear suspension kits and the racing capable shocks that go with them, SCORE enthusiasts are willing to get the best parts for their vehicles. We’ve collected some of the more popular components from a hand-full of suspension and shock manufacturers. These components aren’t for anyone looking to add a little ride height to their vehicle. Instead, these products will dramatically allow your vehicle to ride over rough terrain at higher speeds, and with more control and traction, while you sit comfy in the driver’s seat. King Shocks 7-Tube Race Series Shock Designed as an all-out racing shock, the King 4.5 x 16-inch, 7-Tube Bypass Shock features a piggyback finned reservoir. This shock is designed to dominate Baja and the Dakar Rally with features such as a lightweight 6061 extruded aluminum alloy body, threaded end caps, shock cylinders bored to within +/- .001, then honed after zinc plating to remove buildup for a tight piston seal and optimum valving function. An O-ring Schrader cover mounts to the cap, not the valve itself, creating a positive seal and keeps dirt and moisture out. The heat treated 2024 aluminum alloy piston has the company’s highly developed port configurations that contribute to the unique damping performance. The shock also features heat treated stainless alloy valve shims have a unique grain structure that does not fracture and remains stable at high temperatures to maintain consistent valve function. Wear bands are made from an exclusive Teflon bronze composite that wears longer than any other material available. Viton rod seals withstand temps up to 450 degrees. Wiper seals are machined with diamond tooling from a high temperature resistant carbon composite material. Large diameter shafts are induction heat treated, hard chromed and micro polished to a mirror finish. The 58-62 Rockwell hardness and 100,000 psi tensile strength shafts require expensive, specialized machining operations but the additional effort eliminates rock damage and creates a superior sealing surface.King Shocks UTV Series Shocks King now offers a full line of performance shock systems for the side-by-side market that are built with the same quality materials and strict precision tolerances used in the company’s high end race shocks. King UTV shocks come in various lengths for factory suspension systems, as well as custom versions for vehicles with long-travel kits. To accommodate these suspension designs, King’s UTV shocks measuring 2.50-inch outside diameter feature 7/8-inch shafts, as well as Internal Bypass (IBP) configurations with 20- clicks of adjustability. These are the very same specifications and dynamics used in many race vehicles of larger and faster classes. When used with King’s optional Wide Range Compression Adjuster, the system provides the ability to precisely adjust compression from soft to firm with a simple twist. The clearly marked billet knob offers 16 positive clicks of finely tuned adjustment. Our shocks are easily serviceable with simple hand tools and offer machined billet construction, tunable valving, nitrogen pressure adjustable external reservoirs, and ride height adjustment. The integrated hard anodized 6063 aluminum alloy reservoirs dissipate heat quickly and will not rust due to gas charging contamination. A urethane foam bump stop is included to cushion full bottoming. King Shocks OEM Upgrade Kits King’s new line of Original equipment manufacturer, (OEM), shock upgrade kits provide a bolt on suspension system that elevates off-road performance. Each kit has been subjected to punishing real-world testing to develop the optimal damping curves and spring rates for each specific vehicle application. Built with the same quality of materials and precise tolerances found on our high end race shocks our OEM upgrade kits are a simple 100 percent bolt on installation with no cutting or welding required. The front kits provide an adjustable ride height with up to a 25 percent increase in wheel travel. Rear kits typically allow a 15 percent wheel travel increase. Large 2.5-inch diameter shock bodies and external reservoirs dramatically increase fluid capacity and heat dissipation to provide sustained damping performance even under the most punishing conditions. King’s OEM upgrade shocks feature the same serviceable design that allows for valve adjustments with simple hand tools just like the company’s race shocks, and are available for stock vehicles or running lifted aftermarket suspensions requiring rod-ends.King Shocks Performance Series Coil Over King’s Performance Race series shocks are custom made for each vehicle application and are easily tunable with simple tools to provide the level of damping required. These 2.5 x14-inch coil over shocks feature a remote reservoir and utilize high quality fittings that are mated to Aeroquip high pressure hoses, when remote reservoirs are used. These resist abrasion and allow a tighter bend radius without kinking like braided stainless or cloth lines do. Lightweight hard anodized 6063 aluminum alloy reservoirs dissipate heat quickly and will not rust due to gas charging contamination. Shock cylinders are precision bored to within +/- .001, then honed after zinc plating to remove buildup for a tight piston seal and optimum valving function. Coilover shocks are machined with the company’s own truncated thread design for ultimate strength and trouble free spring adjustments. The shocks also feature heat treated 6061 aluminum alloy pistons and stainless alloy valve shims. Wear bands are made from an exclusive Rulon composite that wears longer than any other material available. Large 3/4 or 7/8-inch diameter shafts have a minimum tensile strength of 100,000 pounds per square inch. They are hard chromed and micro-polished to a 6 RA finish for extended seal life.Addictive Desert Designs 2017 Ford Raptor Upper and Lower Control Arms The ADD 2017 Raptor Upper and Lower Control Arms are specifically designed for the 2017 Ford Raptor. These arms are race-inspired and will work with the company’s full front suspension kit or can be used individually with stock components for staged upgrades. Each arm uses a heavy duty 1.5” Uniball at the knuckle. The Upper Arms use 7/8” rod ends at the frame and the Lower Arms use 1” Uniballs at the frame. This kit is 100 percent CAD designed and cycled for maximum wheel travel and flexibility as well as extensively real-world tested. Addictive Desert Designs 2017 Ford Raptor Fabricated Spindle This spindle is a direct replacement for the OEM unit with strength engineered into all the right places. One of the features this spindle offers is the integrated progressive turn stop which ensures matched factory turning radius without having to limit or modify any of the stock components to operate safely. These upper and lower mounts are machined out of 4130 Chromoly providing optimal strength and long-term durability over factory components. The spindle also boasts a heavy duty double shear tie-rod mount, which is designed to work with the company’s billet aluminum tie rod upgrade kit and results in a much better integration between components, reducing slack and bump steer under extreme conditions.ICON Vehicle Dynamics 2016-UP Toyota Tacoma Stage 6 Suspension System ICON Vehicle Dynamics’ 2016-UP Toyota Tacoma Stage 6 suspension system is designed to increase wheel travel and damping ability, translating into outstanding vehicle control and ride quality both on and off-road. This suspension setup offers up to 2.75” of lift height and features ICON’s CDC (Compression Damping Control) Valve shocks for end-user adjustability. System components include front 2.5 Series coilovers, 2.5 Series rear shocks, upper control arms, and a rear leaf expansion pack.ICON Vehicle Dynamics Toyota Tundra 3.0 Series Coilover Kit This 2007-UP Toyota Tundra 3.0 Series Coilover Kit was designed by ICON to increase the off-road capability of the truck. The coil over kit significantly improves the damping ability and bottom-out control of the front shocks with an internal multi stage bump stop. Compared to the ICON 2.5 Series coilovers, the 3.0 Series shocks feature a piston surface area increase of 50 percent in the ride zone, and 100 percent increase in the bump zone.ICON Vehicle Dynamics Toyota Tundra S2 
Secondary Shock System The ICON S2 Secondary Shock System for 2007 to present model Toyota Tundra allows for the installation of a secondary shock to an existing ICON coil over setup. As opposed to overly complicated and expensive long travel kits, the S2 System is an affordable, mostly bolt-on upgrade that drastically increases off-road performance, is easy to install, and has a modular design that allows Tundra owners to upgrade in steps or all at once.Total Chaos 2016+ Toyota Tacoma 6 Lug PreRunner and 4wd Race System The Total Chaos 2016 and up Tacoma Race System provides maximum ground clearance with 3 to 4” of lift wand 11.5” of travel. The 4130 chromoly tubular upper control arms are extended 2” over stock and bolt directly to the factory frame attachment points. When combined with the chromoly steel lower control arms, the system increases the vehicle’s track width 4” over stock. The system includes a hood and mounting locations for a secondary shock, spindle reinforcement gussets, DOT approved brake lines, custom stainless hi-misalignment spacers and grade-8 hardware. Total Chaos 2016+ Toyota Tacoma Mid Travel Rear Spring Under Conversion The Total Chaos Mid Travel Rear Spring Under Conversion for 2016 and up Tacomas is designed to increase the rear suspension’s up travel for a smoother ride and maximize articulation and comfort while driving off-road. The kit is offered in two formats, a Light Duty and Heavy Duty version that both utilize Deaver Springs. The kit includes springs, bushing, sleeves, U-bolts, shackles, gusseted U-bolt plates, as well as new weld on spring perches and bump stop relocation mounts. The system is capable of up to 9.5” of travel when using the stock shock mounts and up to 11” with custom mounts. Baja Kits by Brenthel 2016+ Toyota Tacoma +2 PreRunner Kit The Baja Kits Plus 2 Suspensions for 2016 and up Tacoma 2wd 6 lug and 4wd trucks is a bolt on kit with a 4” total wider track width. Designed to add more wheel travel, it offers increased on and off-road stability, ground clearance and use of larger tires. This kit is made to fit perfectly on the Tacoma by replacing the stock rubber bushings and ball joints with Trophy Truck quality zero deflection Delrin Bushings and Uniballs. The caster angle is increased to get rid of the loose front end feeling that often occurs with mid to long travel suspension kits. This kit is designed to be paired with 2.5 coil overs and optional 2.5 bypass shocks that can be added during initial install or later. Baja Kits by Brenthel Colorado/Canyon +2.5 PreRunner Kit The Baja Kits Colorado PreRunner Suspension Kit was designed to give this Chevrolet mid-sized truck the same aftermarket off-road suspension performance that other mini trucks have had for years. The kit is a direct bolt-on to 2WD & 4WD Chevy Colorado pickups. Engineered to be a complete suspension system, it uses Trophy Truck grade Uniballs and hardware on both the upper and lower arms. Heavy duty fabricated steel arms are used to handle the abuse while custom tuned King coil over shocks with remote reservoirs and compression adjusters are included for precise tuning, and handle suspension damping. This kit works with a stock replacement aftermarket shock, or the company’s custom length shock for maximum wheel travel. A 2.5 Bypass is an option that can be added upon initial install or later on. Doetsch 2.0 Monotube Shocks Doetsch offers a high-performance, yet economical shock that is completely rebuildable and offers serious off-road performance. The 20S9XXXR shocks feature a large bore piston for precise control and instant reaction to road conditions. All 20S Series Shocks are hand built and can be custom-valved to fit individual needs at no additional charge when ordered. The optional upgrades include rod-ends, custom lengths, custom coil overs and colors at an additional charge. Doetsch 2.5 Monotube 
Remote Reservoir Shocks Designed for pre-runners and project vehicles, the Doetsch 2.5 monotube shocks are hand-built using CNC machined components. These shocks feature a screw-together design (no welding). The 2.5 can be ran one shock per wheel in the rear, or as a single or dual in the front. All 2.5 shocks feature 5/8 rod ends only and do not come fitted with any stock mount configurations. FOX Racing 2.5 Coilover and Bypass Shocks FOX 2.5 Coilovers and Bypass Shocks are available in Performance and Factory Race designs. The Performance model is an economy shock with a lower cost hose and seals. The coil-over suspends the vehicle’s weight while the bypass provides position-sensitive damping, allowing you to tune the ride base on the shocks position in its stroke. This allows the shock to be tuned for a plush rice over moderate terrain but able to prevent harsh bottom outs and provide enhanced control. FOX shocks are built using smooth-bore, clear coated, zinc plated, honed seamless alloy bodies, Black anodized 6061-T6 billet aluminum components and a 7/8” hard chrome plated stainless steel shaft. BILSTEIN B8 8112 (ZoneControl® CR) Bilstein packs a lot of capability into its BILSTEIN B8 8112 (ZoneControl® CR) suspension kits. These kits incorporate new technology allowing for position sensitive damping in both compression and rebound. Bilstein’s ZoneControl® CR provides unparalleled comfort during everyday driving conditions, combined with maximum control under large suspension inputs. BILSTEIN B8 8112 (ZoneControl® CR) suspension kits are now available for 2005 to 2017 model Toyota Tacoma trucks with additional vehicle make and model applications to come soon. Sources

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