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GOLD AND BLACK ILLUSTRATED VOLUME 28, ISSUE 1 17 Warren Hill, PE, ME '63 Jim Hill, MET '95, MBA '03 Jim Billard, LA '90 Brian Teyema, ME '87 Scott Dierking, IM '77 Russ Nelson, BCM '00 David Pikey, PH '97 Rhonda Orange, BS '03, MBA '07 Bill Silfies, MBA '03 Nick Muscolino, MET '06 Bob Hill, BCM '06 Anthony Camasta, MET '04 Deborah Toth, MET '07 Daniel Gasser, BS '04 Jason Jones, MET '08 Nick Johnson, BCM '09 Bryan O'Neill, BCM '09 Steven Sitkowski, BCM '10 Isaac Townsend, ME '10 Don Wunderlich, ME '13 Taylor Spaulding, PE, ME '12 Jessica James, BS '13 Robert C. Krier, MET '13 Joseph Schraffenberger, ME'13 Michael Rish, BCM '13 Brandon Goldstein, ME '14 Jared Schreiber, MET '14 Dan Schmidt, BCM '04 Grant Fillipitch, MET '12 Chaz Usher, BCM '17 Andrew Swibes, ME '15 Chris Spesia, MET '15 Phil Treely, BCM '16 Ryan Kissane, ME '19 Patrick Flanagan, ME '19 Bryan Prechtel, BCM '17 Jack Erdman, BCM '17 80 + YEARS OF BUILDING EXCELLENCE THE HILL GROUP K R A N N E R T L E A D E R S H I P S P E A K E R S S E R I E S EA/EOU G O L D S P O N S O R B R O N Z E S P O N S O R S BETH BROOKE-MARCINIAK Global Vice Chair - Public Policy, EY CAROLYN WOO CEO, Catholic Relief Services (Retired) LINDA CLEMENT-HOLMES Officer and Advisor to the Chairman and Chief Executive, Procter & Gamble A C O N V E R S AT I O N O N L E A D E R S H I P Karl Krapek (MSIA, HDR MGMT) and Kathy Krapek KRANNERT.PURDUE.EDU/EVENTS/LSS tickets available at $100 each. ($50 charitable contribution and $50 expenses) September 28, 2017 • 6:30 p.m. Indiana Roof Ballroom • Indianapolis Moderator Gerry Dick Schnellenberger said: He believed it'd develop into a prominent program. In Greg's first season in 1988, Louis- ville won eight games. In 1989, it was 6-5. Then, in 1990, came the break- through, going 10-1-1 and beating Ala- bama in the Fiesta Bowl. In Jeff's two seasons as starting quar- terback in 1992 and 1993, Louisville was 5-6 and 9-3. His final game was a victory over Michigan State in the Lib- erty Bowl. That capped quite a career as he left the school among its all-time leaders in passing yards, touchdown passes, completions, attempts and completion percentage. (He's still top 10 all-time in all of them.) He was a two-time team MVP as well as MVP in that final bowl game, which simply playing in was a considerable ac- complishment: He had a steel plate and pins in the index finger on his throw- ing hand and still passed for nearly 200 yards and a touchdown in freezing rain. "I remember how good Jeff was and when I heard he didn't go to Notre Dame and he went Louisville, I thought he was crazy," Bozich said. "How could you turn down being the quarterback at Notre Dame to play at Louisville? In retrospect, he did the right thing. He played where he wanted to play. He played in front of his family and friends. "Jeff made an imprint on Louisville football where he'll always be remem- bered for what his contributions were there. (He) was one piece but a very important piece to kind of help change the dynamic of Louisville football. I think he made it acceptable for other (local) kids, like Chris Redman who followed him and Michael Bush and Brian, to say, 'You don't have to go to Notre Dame like Paul Hornung did.' Or 'You don't have to go to Ohio State or Michigan or Kentucky. You can play at

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