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old signs had a slight raise in the letter face, so we took the shadow down to 0 percent so it wouldn't be too busy. We separated the grains and used that same in- formation to knock out and add color to the type to suggest the grain in the type and other ele- ments. The local natural wonders got a treatment of their own. The photos used to represent the scenery needed to be simplified. We again used the obvious contrasts to create the basic representation of them effectively. Once we pulled apart our con- trasts, we applied the filters. The very small photos were simplified even further to stand 1.5" tall. This downsized version printed perfectly. Finally, we put a simple one-color woodgrain behind the whole im- age as if it were hanging on the side of the building. Once approved, we provided a recipe for the Shirt Stop crew to output and print accordingly. We heard it all worked out great: Hi Lon, Well, the celebration was so much fun! We were very sorry you couldn't make it. We saved back about 50 prints to do while people were here. They were amazed and impressed with the process and the outcome, which they got take home. So many positive comments about the design. Thanks again ever so much! We aren't planning on hitting the big 5-0, but you never know. We would love to do lunch again. Same place, same plate. Thanks again so very much! Steve & Lura Right: We chose ink colors with a rustic feel and those that worked well with the woodgrain treatment. We used several different woodgrain types, some more open than others, to create dimension. 2 0 1 7 S E P T E M B E R P R I N T W E A R || 21 Above: We applied a slight embossment to the face of the lettering utilizing Layer Effects. The Bevel and Emboss Layer Style was a favorite tool for this job. Left: We wanted the end result to have an old timey western sign feel.

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