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2 0 1 7 S E P T E M B E R P R I N T W E A R || 23 Not all fonts are created equal, and it is definitely true that not all fonts are created well. "You will want to carefully check the sew files you generate using these fonts to ensure the embroidery you create meets the level of quality you want representing your business. Poor quality digitizing, even with simple fonts, creates poor quality em- broidery every single time." There are some nifty tools that you may want to know about for those times you have no choice but to identify and match a specific font. There are websites and apps that help you identify a font by its specific features or by uploading a picture of the font. Here are several font identifiers to check out: • WhatTheFont ( • Identifont ( • WhatFontIs ( • Identify Fonts by Sight (www.fonts. com/id/by-sight) With these tools, you can quickly nar- row down the list of possible fonts from an unimaginable number to a handful of possibilities, saving yourself hours of scrolling through pages of font styles. Most of these tools start with uploading an image. Remove as much background from the image as possible before you upload the image to the site. Lettering on a solid background produces the most accurate results. I have found that the more lettering in the image the bet- ter. When you have narrowed the list of fonts down to a handful of possibili- ties, there is one more tool that is worth knowing about: Once you find the fonts that might match, download them into your fonts folder on your computer. You do not need to put them in your digitizing system, just put them in your operating system's font folder. Using Wordmark. it, you enter any word or phrase and then preview that word on your screen in every installed type font on your computer. Izabela Pintarich of Solid Stitch Embroidery says, "You can put whatever text you want into the search bar, and it will show you how that text looks in your various fonts." There are lots of sites that offer free font downloads so that you can add them to your fonts folder to see them in the letter combinations that you need: • DaFont ( • 1001FreeFonts ( • FontSpace ( • Font Squirrel ( • UrbanFonts ( THE UNKNOWN What if you cannot find anything that comes close to what the cus- tomer wants? You have yet another option. In many of the upper

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