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2 0 1 7 S E P T E M B E R P R I N T W E A R || 37 with equipment, technologies and products Register Here: or call 800.560.9941 Get Denver Colorado Convention Center - Hall B2 September 8-9, 2017 Education Begins September 7 darts, which are often used in team names. I found the ones with good results and traffic already on my website and went from there. Having been known as the brand "My Dart Shirts" throughout the years, I purchased the domain name and got to work. Due to a heavy work load, it took me until May to get all of the products online. After that, I was finally able to put together the online catalog of team names and the apparel and accessories to go with them, then added a landing page with the list of team names and other keyword-friendly content. After that, the site was up and running. Checking back in the first week of June I discovered the site just crawling into the bottom of page three in the search results, but I wasn't reaching my goal of landing on page one. The domain name strategy came into play that morning as I was analyzing my placement. With a web page you receive search results from Google, you will see a knowledge box containing search terms related to what you seem to be looking for at the bottom of the page. This comes directly from Google's statistics and algorithms that col- lect and define how the user's search experience is presented, which is a part of how they achieve the goal of providing the most relevant search results. The first related search term in that knowledge box was "darts team logos." Head, meet desk. I hadn't thought of that! I quickly bounced to GoDaddy and discovered that the domain name dart- was available. I was taken back by this, to be honest. For starters, I was so busy designing and focusing on darts team names that team logos never even crossed my mind. And to think that after all these years neither myself or one of my competitors had scooped up this domain name. I logged in to my account and purchased the domain name before my coffee even got luke warm. Having already built the online catalog and considering the slight keyword differences, I decided that putting together a new site was just a days work as opposed to simply pointing the domain to my existing darts team website. I quickly put together a new site with a different look and feel, imported what I had already done, and modified my keyword strategies to darts team logos rather than darts team names. I took the weekend off and let the Google bot start doing its thing. When I got back to the daily grind, I was extremely happy to discover that in just a few days I was landing on page one of Google's organic search for darts team logos, sitting in the sixth spot. Shortly after that, I nudged into fifth after getting around to submitting a site map to Google. It's my goal to soon hit the holy grail of search engines: the number one spot. Bouncing back to the darts team names placement, by linking the two sites together, it has hopped on to the coat tails of darts team logos and risen from page three to the top spot on page two of the search results. I expect it to move to page one once things fully get crawled by the search engines. Taking this another step further, I discovered that another related search phrase is "darts team shirts" (again, head meet desk). You better believe I now own the dartsteam- domain name, which points visitors directly to the darts team names site I have already built. Consider this strategy in your online marketing plans. As I mentioned in the column "Words Mean Stuff " in May 2017, these domain names include keywords. And when they match the keywords you are already using on your web properties, they can match up to create a great marriage between your exposure and discovery over the internet.

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