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2 0 1 7 S E P T E M B E R P R I N T W E A R || 39 Jennifer Elgin is a freelance writer and broadcaster, covering fashion and sports beats for various media outlets. She attended the School of Journalism at the University of Colorado at Boul- der, where she earned her Bachelor of Science in broadcast journalism. She loves fashion, fishing, the color red, traveling, and sports. She currently resides in Denver. D uring pep assemblies and sporting events at my high school, our dance team and cheer squad would lead our student body and the rest of the crowd in a massive choreographed hand jive routine. The spirit leaders, in their shiny bodysuits or rhinestone-en- crusted winter apparel, stood at the base of the bleachers and smiled up at our sea of maroon and white while we followed the motions as instruct- ed. This silly ritual, which opposing schools either laughed off or enjoyed from across the field of play, was our thing. Not all of us were going to be the star tight end or point guard, but we were there, en masse, proudly wearing our team colors. It made us a part of it all. It is because of this comradery and sense of group involvement that the spirit wear market is so important and all-encompassing. Whether someone is an athlete, marching band percus- sionist, debate team captain, passion- ate fan, or relative of one or more of the above, apparel choices are a symbol of dedication to our chosen second family. Sporty stripes are always popular for fans to emu- late the teams in the stands. (Image courtesy S&S) SPIRIT WEAR

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