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2 0 1 7 S E P T E M B E R P R I N T W E A R || 61 the direct-to-garment process. The style of pretreat system truly depends on the printer's volume or projected volume. For higher-volume shops, an automatic pretreat machine is recommended for both consistency and speed. To ensure they have an efficient system in place, printers should consult with the seller to make sure the pretreatment setup they choose is compatible with the printer. OPEN UP SHOP Regarding shop setup, bringing on D2, in most cases, will be a low-impact addition to a business' layout and power consump- tion. In fact, you can add a D2 printer to your existing shop with little to no modi- fication, says Rhome. For electrical requirements, Don Cope- land, ColDesi, points out that the printer does not necessarily pull a heavier draw than other equipment, but shops should consider making accommodations. "Have the electrician run two extra cir- cuits with a couple of extra plugs on each circuit," he says. This, he explains, allows for future growth if the shop decides to bring on more equipment or services. Training staff for the new process should also be a relatively low-impact transition, most parties agree. But, again, it truly de- pends on how the shop wants to offer D2. "If you're adding it as a growth opera- tion, you probably do want to eventu- ally bring somebody on," says Copeland. Similarly, Leelachat suggests if a shop does want to offer D2, it can be helpful to designate someone with a graphics and inkjet background, such as wide-format printing, to run that department. Both Rhome and Copeland agree that decorators already experienced with graphics software should catch on rela- tively quickly to art preparation for D2, particularly since it doesn't require separa- tions like screen printing. "The same art director (from the screen- printing department) can be trained to prepare files and maintain the digital printing," says Donovich. samples on display. This means hanging sample prints in a shop's office or show- room to give clients a better idea of what a decorator can offer for everything from HOW TO SELL IT Like most decoration methods, all con- tributors agree that the most effective way to sell clients on D2 services is by putting 855.863.1638 SEE OUR PRINTER IN ACTION AT INTRODUCING THE NEW RICOH Ri 3000/Ri 6000 Direct to Garment Printers. Combining the best of AnaJet innovation with world-class Ricoh engineering and manufacturing. FAST PROFITABLE RELIABLE Denver, CO Sep. 8-9 Booth #109 Chicago, IL Sep. 10-14 Booth #660

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