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Uni-Kote ™ Automatic Screen Coater • Front and rear screen coaters can operate in tandem or independently • Heavy-duty frame provides excellent stability during automatic screen coating • Maximum screen frame size of 31" x 43" x 1.75" or 58" x 52" x 1.75" i-Image STE I ™ CTS Imaging & Exposure System • i-Image STE I is M&R's high-speed imaging/ exposure system • Maximum image areas on i-Image STE I is 51 x 66 cm (20" x 26") or 51 x 86 cm (20" x 34") • Three-printhead i-Image STE I units can print and expose full-size images in less than a minute, or up to 400 screens per shift Eco-Rinse ™ Automatic Screen Rinsing System • Automates and simplifies one of the least- desirable aspects of the screen printing process • Recirculates rinse water to reduce environmental impact and lower operating costs • Eco-Rinse processes screens quickly, cutting per-screen labor costs by up to half 400 Screens • 8 HOURS • 1OPERATOR Watch M&R's DIGITAL SCREEN ROOM REVOLUTION in action! M&R's DIGITAL SCREEN ROOM equipment makes it possible for one operator in a screen printing shop to coat, image, expose & rinse 400 pre-registered screens in 8 hours. WWW.MRPRINT.COM / PW M&R DIGITAL SCREEN ROOM FEATURED PRODUCTS For information on all M&R products please visit W W W. MRPRINT. COM The M&R Companies 4 4 0 M e d i n a h R o a d , R o s e l l e , I l l i n o i s 6 0 1 7 2 - 2 3 2 9 800 -736 - 6431

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