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September 2017

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WWW.POTATOGROWER.COM 39 reaction to infection with V. dahliae by inoculating the soil around two-week-old potted plants growing in the greenhouse. We also evaluated the same 274 cultivars for maturity based on the development of buds and flowering in the greenhouse. The experiment was repeated a second year. There was a moderate correlation between resistance and maturity both years, indicating, as expected, that early- maturing cultivars were generally more susceptible to Verticillium wilt than later- maturing cultivars. The most resistant cultivars were Abnaki, Cariboo, Houma, Navajo, Reddale and Russette. The most susceptible cultivars were Irish Cobbler, Pungo and Russet Norkotah. These results indicate that plant maturity should be taken into consideration when evaluating potato resistance to Verticillium wilt. A maturity-adjusted resistance rating was calculated from residuals of the regression between resistance and maturity. The maturity-adjusted resistance rating minimizes the effect of maturity on the rating for resistance. However, even after adjusting resistance ratings for maturity, there were still significant differences among the cultivars, indicating that a large part of the resistance cannot be explained by maturity alone. With maturity-adjusted resistance, both short-season and long- season cultivars with partial resistance to Verticillium wilt can be identified. This information will benefit growers in choosing cultivars for their particular growing environment and also enable breeders to select cultivars for use as parents with resistance less influenced by maturity. For more information contact your local Yara Retailer or Yara North America, Inc. • 800-234-9376 • www.yara.us Healthier for your crops Profitable for you How can you afford not to use YaraLiva as your primary nitrogen and calcium source? Ask for YaraLiva by name. A whole lot more than calcium nitrate. YaraLiva ® YaraLiva ® CN-9 ® improves plant health, tuber yield, size and quality CN-9 is a YaraLiva premium liquid solution that supplies nitrate nitrogen to help the plant develop a strong canopy and increase the uptake of calcium, potassium and magnesium. Calcium is a key element in plant cell structure, membrane function, and is critical during cell division. The result is higher yielding quality tubers with less culls. 166594YarNor12v.indd 1 3/27/17 9:27 AM MATURITY ADJUSTED PARTIAL RESISTANCE (LOWER VALUES INDICATE HIGHER RESISTANCE) ≤ -1.5 Abnaki Reddale -1.4 TO -1.0 MaineChip Russette Snowden -0.9 TO -0.5 LaSoda Shepody -0.4 TO 0.0 Russet Burbank Norkotah Ranger Russet Redskin 0.1 TO 0.5 Katahdin Red LaSoda Yukon Gold 0.6 TO 1.0 Norgold Russet Norland (Dark) Red Russet Kennebec 1.1 TO 1.5 Gemchip Red Warba Russet Legend maturity.

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