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20 THE SHOP OCTOBER 2017 PERFORMANCE business within this product line is always worth exploring. "Shops that want to be successful in the aftermarket steering industry need to know the product they a re s e l l i n g a n d t h e appropriate applications for that product," Perry explains. "They also need the correct equipment for the instal- lation and alignment of steering and front end products. Once they have those two things, they then can make the correct recommendations and perform the installation correctly, which leads to a satisfied customer that will feel good about referring their com- pany. That's what all of this is about—get the good word out and start reaping the rewards." Taking it one step further, Ruth recom- mends going over the suspension system with customers so that they can fully understand the nature and scope of what's involved. "Explain the new technology available to them and how it can have a dramatic effect on handling and drivability." It's important to remember that, when it comes to these upgrades, customers are looking to you as the expert. "For today's modern, retail dollar guy— simplify! Don't overdo it with options," Shephard suggests "Pick the product or the brand you sell. Push that brand and stand behind it. This is why he came to you to buy—because he trusts you. Just like they From hot rods to Jeeps and all vehicles in between, every driver wants their vehicle to handle as well as possible. (Photos courtesy Currie Enterprises) Shops that offer entire chassis and steering solutions will gain the trust of do-it-for- me novices who just want to get out and drive. (Photos courtesy Cur- rie enterprises) CHASSIS STEERING The Market &

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