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22 THE SHOP OCTOBER 2017 PERFORMANCE trust us here at Currie and our tenure in building what we build." LET'S TALK TECH Talking about new products easily leads into technology and how it affects the cur- rent state of the chassis and steering market. Ruth from Heidts explains the core con- cept of aftermarket parts being applied to cars. "By integrating modern technology into older suspensions, we can introduce handling characteristics never dreamed of 30 years ago," he says. "The advent of electronic steering, computer-controlled braking and electronic suspension has cer- tainly made the aftermarket suspension designers lose a little sleep. However, when used correctly, they can pay high dividends to those who are savvy enough to accept the challenges encountered when infusing into older platforms." Waterstraut from ididit says that if you want to see what's coming to the after- market, just look at what's on new cars now. "All that technology will hit the aftermarket soon e n o u g h , " h e p r e d i c t s . "Things like electric power assist, electric rack and pinion. Even self-driving cars will all be a part of the equation at ididit. We strive to continuously showcase our expertise by introducing new and exciting steering products like our Pro-Lite column we launched last year." Electronics are the first thing that comes to mind for Currie's Shephard as well. "Obviously, we don't see this on the hot rod and muscle car side. But every time a new Jeep comes out, we don't know what we will be up against as an aftermarket supplier." And Perry from Chassis Engi- neering believes the advance- ments should be positive for the aftermarket and its customers. CHASSIS STEERING The Market & Quality is key when it comes to af- termarket steering and chassis com- ponents. (Photos courtesy ididit) Shops that want to be successful in the aftermarket chassis and steering industry need to know the product they are selling and the appropri- ate applications. (Photo courtesy Chassis Engineering)

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