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OCTOBER 2017 THE SHOP 25 PERFORMANCE Booth #24543 of Jeep will be out next year and we start all over again trying to figure it all out!" Perry believes that on the racing side, continued advancements always spur new business. "The drag race market in the coming years is going to lean toward lighter weights without sacrificing strength and durability," he believes. "This is going to come through with lighter materials that are being devel- oped and can offer equal or greater strength than currently available. But isn't that the way the whole market is going? The entire market benefits from technology that is on the horizon." Waterstraut adds that there's a lot of excitement currently surrounding elec- tronic power steering. "We are right on the leading-edge of developing new applications and products in that niche," he notes. "We've developed columns for several other companies spe- cifically for use with electric steer kits, and predict big growth in that segment over the coming years." Finally, the big picture and how it fits into the future is described by Ruth, who says, "Hot rodding and custom car building will always have a place in our culture. The makes and models may come in and out of vogue, but the basic concept of per- sonalizing your ride to fit your individual lifestyle and needs will always be popular." And you can help steer the market with the latest aftermarket advancements in the chassis and steering category. The basic concept of personalizing a ride to fit your customer's individual lifestyle and needs will always be popular.

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