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28 THE SHOP OCTOBER 2017 GET WITH THE PROGRAM PERFORMANCE tures and available custom tuning options will enable shops to customize an experi- ence that truly creates a happy customer. An unexpected benefit for shops serving the Tuner/Programmer market is … … selling Tuners and Programmers really opens the doors to other modifications. Offering a tune coupled with an air intake and exhaust kit, for instance, will really increase the customer's driving experience as well as improve profitability from the sale. Bully Dog and SCT products support many leading aftermarket parts with spe- cific tuning options to improve the perfor- mance of the vehicle when coupled with these aftermarket parts. A vehicle truly isn't complete without the right tune to tie everything together for optimal per- formance. AEM Performance Electronics Hawthorne, California Lawson Mollica Director of Marketing & PR Our hottest Tuner/Programmer product is … … our Infinity line of standalone program- mable engine management systems. Our Series 7 Infinity can control engines up to 12 cylinders and provides a multitude of inputs/outputs to control ancillary systems and for data-logging. Our Series 5 Infinity can control engines up to 8 cylinders and has the same features as the Series 7, but with fewer inputs/outputs than the larger system to deliver a more affordable price point. Our new Series 3 Infinity ECU is designed for domestic V-8s including big- blocks, small-blocks, modular motors and LS engines that do not need features like variable cam timing, drive-by-wire and on-board logging, but still want built-in features like boost, nitrous, launch and traction control along with engine protec- tion capabilities. It is very competitively priced, has a simple flying lead harness for installation and we even have a Plug & Play Adapter Harness for MEFI-4-controlled engines for people who want to upgrade from that system without rewiring. Its best features include … … processing capability of 400 million instructions per second (MIPS), which allows it to handle anything you throw at it; the ability to control up to four- cam variable valve timing; drive-by-wire throttle control; multiple boost control strategies; nitrous control; two- and three-step launch control; traction con- trol; knock control; standing and rolling anti-lag; no-lift shift; multi- and flex-fuel capability; VE-based tuning with closed-

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