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30 THE SHOP OCTOBER 2017 and other strategies can be critical at the point of competition. Our tech support team attends a lot of races across the country to support our racers, but we can't be everywhere on every race weekend. While the ability to set mul- tiple maps and make them adjustable on the fly provides one level of adjustability for racers, having someone in their pit with an intimate knowledge of both their vehicle and engine control unit creates an oppor- tunity for additional profit for a business with that capability. Powerteq Ogden, Utah Jim McGinn VP, Marketing Our hottest Tuner/Programmer product is … … Powerteq has introduced several new products in 2017. DiabloSport's Predator 2 has been met with great enthusiasm and tremendous out-the-door sales. Dealers and consumers alike have embraced the reintroduction of this iconic brand in the automotive tuning space. Its best features include … … known for performance gains engi- neered by a team of the best in the busi- ness, DiabloSport now touts 50-state CARB (California Air Resources Board) certification to accompany industry- leading power. The outside factor having the greatest effect on the Tuner/Programmer market is … … while there has not been as much buzz about prices at the pump over the past couple of years, gas prices can often dic- tate a purchase decision and have a direct impact on the tuner market. The recent weather events in Texas could impact gas prices across the country. More power is always a frontrunner when it comes to features, but adding mpgs is consistently a top-selling benefit the Pred- ator 2 offers, especially when (fuel) prices begin to tick upward. A tip that shops can use to increase sales of Tuner/Programmer products is … … successful resellers focus on outlining all of the benefits a Powerteq programmer offers. Typically, added horsepower and torque gains are touted as the primary why buys, but many of our dealers educate their consumers about additional benefits like speedometer correction for aftermarket tires, diagnostic read and clear capabilities, data-logging and 50-state-legal certification. An unexpected benefit for shops serving the Tuner/Programmer market is … … a performance programmer like the Predator 2 can be used to tune and adjust for a variety of different aftermarket parts, making it a worthy investment for con- sumers looking at different upgrades for their vehicles. Oftentimes, the Predator 2 is they key tool used to confirm a customer's vehicle settings are dialed in at the appropriate level for optimal performance. GET WITH THE PROGRAM PERFORMANCE When fuel prices rise, interest in programmers can increase as well. (Photo courtesy Powerteq) Programmers like the Predator 2 can be used to tune and adjust for a variety of different aftermarket parts, making it a worthy investment for consumers looking at different upgrades for their vehicles. (Photo courtesy Powerteq)

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