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OCTOBER 2017 THE SHOP 37 PERFORMANCE nice, neat and clean." When it comes to producing consistent, quality work, the process can't be rushed. "Sometimes we spend over three months on a project," he adds, "and that can be because we're one of the shops you can come to for everything. Interior work, custom paint—we do anything start to finish. We don't send out to get the trans- mission done by anybody else, or the paint from someone else—we do it." Herman also took on a special, very per- sonal, three-year project that he is particu- larly proud of—a work stock truck that evolved into something much more. "It was a 255 pulling truck—a 2016 diesel national champion that was totally built by us. The chassis, transmission, tuned by us, everything," he says. "It's my own personal project, and I did it over two to three years. The cost was maybe $50,000-$60,000, plus my time, plus the cost of truck." EVERYONE IS WELCOME Of course, not all of HT Performance's cus- tomers are looking for that level of build. In fact, the shop's clients don't easily fall into any one category or demographic. "Our customers are comprised of every age group," says Herman. "We work with most anyone who has a diesel pickup, and For a two-man shop, HT Per- formance in Penn- sylvania has more than its share of diesel busi- ness. HT Performance is quickly earning a repu- tation for powerful diesel engine upgrades. The company also offers custom transmis- sion builds for high-horsepower applications. Shop_Oct2017_offer.indd 1 8/17/17 4:55 PM

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