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OCTOBER 2017 THE SHOP 39 PERFORMANCE it ruins your name. Two of us are good and we know that. It is better to have clients wait for us to do it right than to have a third person not doing it right, where we must go behind them and fix their work." A simpler element to the HT Performance equation is pricing. Herman keeps his numbers simple and indicative of the current market. "With parts," he says, "we match internet prices and we charge standard labor rates. It's a pretty simple equation." When it comes to parts sales, Herman takes orders by phone and ships parts. He does not have a website, but is on Face- book. "Customers order over the phone," he says, "and I drop-ship the product. We are direct with a lot of the companies; we're a big outfit." Herman's advertising strategy is equally straightforward—a sort of build-it-and- they-will-come approach. "Word of mouth, social media and people that know me bring us our clientele," he explains. "We also have back and front window banners on our trucks." From a start working on friends' trucks to seven years owning his own business, Herman says it's the satisfaction of a job well done that continues to excite him about the diesel industry. "I get to come to work and do what I love," he says. "I love making things go faster, be better and look nicer. It's fun to see customers' reactions." And the plan isn't about to change any- time soon. "We're going to just keep working hard and keep expanding and keep trying to deliver the best product we can," he says. "It is fun to come to work." The company works hard to ensure projects look "nice, neat and clean." MADE IN U S A CSH5 CSH8 Malco Products, SBC | Annandale, MN. U.S.A. | | ©2017 Available in 5 and 8 inch Sanding Block Lengths. U.S. Patent Pending Malco Conformable Sanders are the first re-usable sanding blocks capable of holding a desired hand-pressed geometry throughout the entire sanding operation. The segmented block features a slide interface that works with standard 2-3/4 inch wide hook and loop backed abrasive paper. Now Techs can sand contours with a block that holds a set shape and is easy to grip. Conformable Sander Conformable Sander Booth #10225 Las Vegas Convention Center Las Vegas, Nevada • Oct. 31 - Nov 3, 2017 Malco-The Shop 7.125x4.875 Sept 2017.indd 1 8/18/17 3:51 PM

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