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4 PRECISION ENGINE OCTOBER 2017 PRECISION ENGINE TIMING COVER The COMP Cams three-piece aluminum timing cover assembly was installed, starting with the oval base plate attached to the block with two 1/4-20 x 5/8-inch socket head cap screws, sealed to the block with a traditional Chevy small-block-style timing cover gasket (the gasket was lightly coated with RTV and I applied medium-strength thread locker to all timing cover screws). The lower cover plate was installed next, with four flat-top 1/4-20 x 1.5-inch screws and two 1/4-20 x 5/8-inch flattops, after applying a thin coat of RTV to the cover plate mating faces, followed by the upper cover plate, with mating faces also coated with a thin layer of RTV and secured with four 1/4-20 x 1.250" flat-top screws. RTV must be used to seal the lower and upper cover plates, since no provision for cut gaskets or O-rings is featured. The 1/8- inch NPT inspection plug was installed to the lower cover with an application of thread sealant. All timing cover screws were torqued to 80 inch-pounds. OIL PAN Our pan is Moroso's P/N 20196 stamped steel unit with built-in baffle and windage tray. This is a rear-sump, 7-quart-capacity pan with a depth of 8.250 inches. The street/strip pan is designed to clear a maximum stroke of 4.250 inches. While I considered leaving it in its as-shipped zinc plating, I decided to have it powder- coated in wrinkle black in order to match the valve covers. Using a selection of ARP stainless oil pan studs screwed into the block rails, I placed a Fel-Pro 1821 four-piece pan gasket set into position. I applied a bead of Permatex Ultra Black RTV to each side of the rail gaskets. The set includes both a thin and thick front seal where the pan front radius meets the bottom of the timing cover. In this case, the thicker front seal was required. After the rear seal was installed on the rear main cap, I added a slight bead of RTV to the exposed mating surfaces of both front and rear seals, along with a dab of RTV in all four corners where the rail gaskets meet the seals. The pan's rail sides are secured with 1/4- 20/28 ARP stainless studs and 12-point nuts. The rear corners feature ARP stainless 5/16-18/24 studs and nuts, while I opted for a pair of 5/16-18 x 3/4-inch ARP 12-point screws and small-OD flat washers for the front corners, (the small diameter bolt heads clear the tight confines of the front corner bolt locations). A driver-side threaded bung is featured on the left side of the pan sump wall, which accepts a Moroso universal 25973 dipstick tube. A brass NPT fitting threads into the pan that accepts a brass compression fitting. Once the tube is adjusted for the 7-quart Motown II LS Build Part 4 Moroso's steel 7-quart oil pan features a built-in windage tray. I opted to have the pan powder-coated in wrinkle black to match the valve covers. A 7/16-20 ARP balancer bolt secures the damper, snugged to 80 foot-pounds with ARP Ultra lube applied. The Meziere water pump provides plenty of clearance at the timing cover. The pump is secured with four 3/8-16 screws. The up- per left (driver side) bolt is open to water, so thread sealant is required. Holley's 850-cfm double-pumper was selected for this build. Features include a bright body and anodized base and metering blocks.

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