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OCTOBER 2017 PRECISION ENGINE 5 PRECISION ENGINE sump depth, the fitting is tightened to secure the tube. The straight tube is then bent toward the head and secured with a supplied bracket. WATER PUMP Meziere electric water pumps are always my go-to choice. They function flawlessly and eliminate the need for a drive belt, reducing a bit of parasitic power loss. The 12-volt Meziere electric water pump WP301 mounts with two gaskets and four stainless steel 3/8-16 x 1.125-inch SHCS (socket head cap screws) and stainless flat washers. Note that the pump was sup- plied with 1.250-inch screws that proved to be too long for the tapped holes in this particular block, so I went with a 1.125- inch length. Both sides of the gaskets were lightly coated with Permatex Ultra Blue RTV. All screws were initially snugged hand- tight, followed by torque at 10 foot-pounds, with a final torque at 25 foot-pounds, tight- ened in a crisscross pattern. Note that the upper left-side (driver side) pump bolt hole in the block is open to water, so this 3/8-inch bolt must be sealed with thread sealer. The remaining three screws' threads were treated to a coating of Loctite 242 thread locker. As usual, the Meziere pump fit perfectly. This pump offers a free-flow rating of 55 The external water transfer plumbing features Fragola –12 hose and hose ends. The black braided outer covering eliminates any potential for block or water pump surface finish chafing. Hose length (hose only, not including hose ends) was 21 inches for the right side and 23 inches for the left side. The external –12 plumbing connects to a high-mounted Moroso thermostat housing and water neck assembly. The thermostat housing plumbs to the right side of the block with a straight hose end, while a 90-degree hose end provides a clean routing to the left side. Subscribe at or call 800.870.0904 the ISSUE MORE & Daily eNewsletters Monthly Products & Deals Published Monthly

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