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OCTOBER 2017 PRECISION ENGINE 7 PRECISION ENGINE directly at the front of both heads (where World Products heads are utilized along with adapter plates), and the latest ver- sion that features 1-1/4-inch NPT female threaded ports on each side of the block, allowing –12 plumbing to a thermostat housing and water neck that mounts to the front of either head via a Moroso adapter bracket. Our version is the latter. This is the block design currently offered. I mounted the Moroso aluminum bracket to the front of the righthand head using three 10mm x 1.0 x 35mm bolts (with 0.600-inch-long aluminum spacers between the bracket and head). The Moroso black anodized thermostat housing mounts to the bracket with three 5/16-18 x 3/4-inch bolts. The Moroso water neck secures to the thermostat housing with two 3/8-16 x 3.250-inch bolts. A 14- to 16-pound radiator cap seals the top of the water neck. The rear of the water neck casting features three ports (1/2-inch NPT and two 1/4-inch NPT) that can be sealed with threaded plugs or used for temp sender or other feeds. At the base of the thermostat housing are two female –12 straight thread ports. Using Fragola Pro-Flow –12 straight to –12 male fittings (sealed with O-rings), I plumbed these ports to the block sides, using a –12 straight Fragola hose end on the right-side port and a 90-degree –12 Fragola hose end at the left port. Using Fragola –12 black braided hose, these two connections are routed to both sides of the block via Aeroquip 1-1/4- inch to –12 male fittings and Fragola –12 90-degree Pro-Flow hose ends. Prior to installing the hose ends to the hoses, hose length was cut at 21 inches for the right side and 23 inches for the left side. Note that the block-side 90-degree hose ends must be angled slightly inboard toward the oil pan, routing the hoses to clear the block's motor mount locations. Prior to the dyno session, I designed a coolant transfer plumbing system to the cylinder heads, tying the front and rear cylinder head steam holes together, to avoid potential overheating at the rear cylinders. This –4 AN plumbing system allows air to bleed off into the Moroso water neck. We'll discuss this setup in depth in a future tech article. (716) 592-1000 | Photo Courtesy: Mike Mavrigian Install a Fluidampr ® performance damper early in your engine build. ■ Reduce risk of crankshaft & oil pump failure. ■ Reduce bearing wear. ■ ■ Improve timing accuracy. ■ Release lost torque & horsepower. ■ Maintenance free. Never needs to be re-built or re-tuned. Available for domestic, import and performance diesel applications. Race p Race proven since 1985. SFI 18.1 certified. Trusted torsional vibration analysis & viscous damper development to major OEMs and production engine builders.

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