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10 PRECISION ENGINE OCTOBER 2017 PRECISION ENGINE A nyone who modifies an LS- format engine in a non-OE manner faces a challenge with regard to the steam plumbing at the cylinder heads. LS heads, whether factory or aftermarket, feature small coolant ports (one at each end of each head). These ports are intended to allow air to bleed from the cooling system from the engine to the radiator. While these ports can be plugged using aftermarket or OE-available steam plugs, the ports should be plumbed to allow air and over-hot coolant to circulate from the heads to the radiator. For instance, plugging-off the rear ports poses a risk of creating hot spots that can affect cylinders number 7 and 8. While the factory uses a tubular system to accomplish this, when you're customizing Creating a custom steam plumbing system for LS cylinder heads is easy using a se- lection of –4 AN hardware and hose. Aftermarket steam hole plugs that feature a –4 AN male fitting bolt directly onto the heads. The fitting block features a short shoulder and O-ring that seals into the cylinder head's steam port. All LS heads feature a steam port at each end (front and rear). Creating the system requires four separate hose assemblies. A solution for a common LS engine challenge. By Mike Mavrigian Cylinder Head Steam Plumbing Overhead view. In our example, note a hose running from front to rear on the right-side head, right to left heads at the rear, left to right at the front, and a hose running from front left to our water neck.

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