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OCTOBER 2017 PRECISION ENGINE 13 PRECISION ENGINE neck was 7-1/4 inches long. The length of this final hose will vary depending on your point of connection to a water neck or upper radiator neck, (which will likely require brazing a 1/4-inch NPT bung to the radiator neck). Note: This example build featured an aftermarket block that is based on small- block Chevy Gen 1 architecture designed to accept LS cylinder heads. This particular block features a Chevy-style rear-mounted distributor. Our right-rear-to-left-rear crossover hose was 8 inches long, allowing a slight curve to clear our distributor. If you're running an LS block (no rear distributor), this right- to-left rear hose can be slightly shorter. OUR -4 HOSE LENGTHS Right-front-to-right-rear hose .. 16 1/2" Rear right-to-left hose ................. 8" Front left-to-right hose ......... 4 1/2" Left-front-to-water-neck hose .. 7 1/4" HOSE ASSEMBLY TIPS Cutting stainless braided, or stainless braid core –AN hose with a woven outer sleeve may be done with a hacksaw or a cut-off abrasive wheel. In order to prevent fraying at the cut line, first tightly wrap the hose at the cut line with tape and cut through the tape area. The exposed cut should be free of wire fraying, and must be square. A much better method involves the use of a dedicated cutter that is designed to handle braided AN hose. An example is Summit Racing's P/N SUM-900040 braided hose cutter, which looks somewhat similar to a long-handled bolt/padlock cutter. This type of snipper will produce a clean cut with a single squeeze and is surprisingly easy to use. Once the hose end hex collar has been installed, place a piece of tape where the hose meets the collar. This provides a visual reference during hose end assembly to verify that the hose has not been pushed out of the collar. TAKE THE HEARTBURN OUT OF CUSTOM PISTONS We make ordering custom pistons easy! JE manufactures your custom set of pistons in 2 weeks, the fastest delivery time in the industry. We can even expedite your custom set in as little as 5 days! • Billet or forged pistons • Designed specifically for you to achieve your power and durability goals • Coatings and platings available- skirt, crown, ring groove, pin bore • Dozens of customizable features- 3D milling, gas porting, and more 2 W E E K S T A N D A R D D E L I V E R Y If you need high quality custom pistons quickly, look no further! 10800 Valley View St. Cypress, CA 90630 • 714-898-9763 •

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